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Senior Programmer Analyst Resume

New York, NY


Result - driven IT professional with over fifteen years of solid experience and notable success in designing and developing Web and Client-Server applications as well as planning, analysis, and implementation of solutions in support of business objectives. Hands-on experience leading all stages of system development efforts, including requirements definitions, design, architecture, deployment, automation, testing and support.


Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000-2008/Windows XP /VISTA/7, UNIX, AS400

Database Systems: SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005/2008 , Oracle 9i/10g, DB2, MSACCESS 2000/2007/2010

Languages: NET including VBA, VB6, VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, VB and Java Script, AJAX, HTML, XML, UNIX and Windows shell scripting

Development Tools: IIS 5.0/6.0/7.0, Visual Studio.NET 2003/2005/2008/2010 ,.NET Framework 1x/3.0/3.5/4.0, OO4O, WCF, SOA, SOAP, Windows and Web Services, EDI, SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL, T-SQL, ETL, SSIS, SSRS, BCP Utilities, HTML, Crystal Reports 8.5/XI, Crystal Reports BO, SQL Server reporting Services, IBM Cognos Report Studio, MDS Blackberry, BES, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, IBM iSeries Client Access for Windows, Remedy, WebSphere 6.5-7.0, WebSphere Portal, BMC Configuration Manager, IBM Marimba, IBM BladeLogic, StarTeam


Confidential, JSr. Deployment Services Engineer / Information Systems Consultant

Participate in SQL Server 2008 database design, support and maintenance. Provide various reports on statistics to support Director Initiatives. utilizing SSRS and VB scripts. Work with internal auditing. Evaluate deployment requests, requirements, and documentation ensuring compliance. Performs advanced troubleshooting of deployment issues on 365 24/7. Partner with IT AD clients to ensure a complete identification and analysis of the requirements for packaging/deploying software, databases and applications across multiple platforms. Ensure compliance with all MetLife deployment policies and standard practices and educates partnering teams on those standards when necessary. Conduct post mortem reviews with application development teams on failed or excessively time consuming deployments in order to improve deployment for future releases. Confidential of applications from the current IBM BMC Marimba standard deployment jobs to BMC Blade logic deployment. Partner with our offshore team and internal customers to provide a seamless level of enterprise deployment services support according to deployment and version management policies. Work on best practices and training documents for offshore team. Provide clear definitive turnover of supported applications for past problems, current issues and Marimba transition status to sub team member. Created multiple VBA, SSRS, Marimba and Remedy reports to support team’s daily operations such as audit of operations, enterprise servers activity, job listings, history of activities, retired jobs, objects search by name substring and etc Maintain focus on customer satisfaction through process improvement, workflow automation, and two-way communications. Participation in an on call rotation, off-hours and weekend support as required.

Confidential, New York, NY

DBA/Lead Senior Programmer Analyst

Confidential - Chase getaway CIM (Customer Information manager) integration with multiple Qttalk Web based applications such as Pure minutes and QTtalk. Programmaticly created customer profiles, which include payment and shipping information and can referenced later in future banking transactions, eliminating steps in the transaction process for repeat customers and potentially increasing customer loyalty. This process is written utilizing ASP .NET2008 Framework 3.5, IIS 6.0, VB SOA technology, featuring SQL Server 2008, Authorize.net as back end data store and utilizes SSRS for reporting’s. Completed full time SDLC.

SMS - smsftp massaging is in-house VB .NET 2008 service. It utilizes API’s of third party application service allowing sms messages transmission by mobile devices. Created programmatic keywords configuration and programmed multiple message responses based on command received from mobile device. It includes SQL server 2008 business objects modification to support custom keywords created. IIS 6.0 configurations and maintenance.

Confidential - Successfully completed upgrade and Confidential of QTTALK web server to new advanced multiprocessor server. It included web server IIS6.0 and web sites upgrade, security certificates settings, job scheduling, multiple third party web services and Infragistics third party software installation and IIS6.0 configuration.

Confidential New York, NY

Programmer Analyst

Participated in technical analysis, design, development, and implementation of new and existing systems, specializing in Object-Oriented methodologies, windows and Web environments, as well as production support, This included: requirement gathering, development of multiple prototypes and presenting them to upper management and business partners for review, coding of applications, creation of the documentation such as Functional Specifications, Technical notes, Release Notes, Installation Instructions for QA/TS, QA test scripts, Post-Production Support Notes and User Manuals to support trainings, development of training manuals, presentations and prototypes.

Confidential Member Search Application - This is a web based application which was developed as a part of membership retention effort of HF. It was designed to be accessible from a desktop computers, as well as mobile Blackberry devices. Application written utilizing REM, ASP .NET2008 Framework 3.5, VB SOA technology and WCF Library, featuring SQL Server 2008 and DB2 as backend data stores. It is hosted as a Web Service on IIS 7.0. Performed full life time cycle development for this project including BES Server configurations and security.

Studio for EMeving applicants and storing results - Confidential HF/City of New York Medicaid Eligibility Verification is ASP .NET Framework 2.0 VB system with mobile support. It utilizes existing Sun Guard components written on C# such as: tokenizes and parser (EDI X12 271/272). The application is hosted on IIS 6.0 and uses Domain Authentication for internal user authentication or UserName / Password for external user authentication; ASP.NET2005 VB technologies and SQL Server 2005 used to develop this system. This system also includes phase 2 - Managers Review .NET ASP application with the ability to review, analyze and print verification receipts. Lead the full life time cycle development for this project. SSRS was utilized for reporting.

Encounters - ASP .NET 2008 VB Framework 3.5 system with mobile support. Application designed to support sales operations activities to record new member/potential member interactions in order to create notes for Member Services department. It is accessed from Blackberry and other mobile devices by sales representatives working on the marketing sites. SQL Server 2005 used as a backend for this tool. Domain security achieved by custom HTTP headers created on the BES server. Lead the full life time cycle development for this project. .NET SOA technology, WCF, Configuration of IIS 7.0.

PHSP renewals and Outreach tracking - ASP .NET 2008 VB Framework 3.5 system with mobile support. . System designed to support sales operations activities to record member/potential member interactions and member services notes. Mostly used by sales representatives from Blackberry devices. SQL Server 2005 used as a backend for this tool. Lead the full life time cycle development for this project.

POC - Provider OnContact - is a part of OnContact Confidential Enterprise system. Is a Client/server application - written using NET2005 Framework 2.0 VB WINFORMS. It used for tracking provider activities, calls, provider search and includes custom components for extracts and reports generation, integration with MOC module HPN and data warehousing applications. It includes multiple reports modules to support MS, Enrollment and HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) analysis. SQL Server2005, DB2, SAS and Oracle utilized as data store. ClickOnce type of deployment utilized. SSRS was utilized for reporting.

EZR- Confidential data entry Enrollment system - ASP .NET2003 VB Framework 1.1 Data is stored in a SQL Server2005 database. The system is responsible for performing necessary calculations to determine applicant's eligibility, benefit package information, and appropriate type of transaction which must be submitted to MHS (e.g., new member, reenrollment, recertification, update, disenrollment and reinstatement). Once these calculations have been completed, the system verifies that no constraints in MHS (or the KIDS submission application) will be violated. Following this verification the information is submitted via EDI ASC X12 834 transaction (and subsequent programmatic updates to the information in MHS). The system continues to identify transactions which are rejected in MHS and to update the DOTS database/system for successful transactions.

Online Claim Status Verification - Web service - written utilizing IIS6.0, VB .NET 2005 SOA technology as a custom component to be accessed by providers. It used by different applications to verify status of an existing claim. DB2 and SQL Server 2008 were utilized as data store.

EDI ANSI ASC X12 Eligibility and response (270/271), Enrollment (834) - enrollment and disenrollment in a health plan; Claims (837) - health care claims and equivalent encounter information: Participated in development and maintenance of applications to support standards claim processing in EDI 837P Professional, EDI 837I Institutional EDI ANSI ASC X12 (Version 4010 and 4010A) claims standards

EZR Selective Conversion - this is a set of DTS/ SSIS packages which runs as a scheduled job and used to convert (or copy) data for CHP applications within EZR that become pended in various error workflow statuses. It also serves to move CHP application data entered directly into MHS and DOTS systems via an enrollment rep into the EZR database. The business user has no interaction with the selective conversion except to request that specific applications be set to an error status for re-processing. SQL Server 2000 originally utilized for development of this product. The product was since converted to SQL server 2005 SSIS project.

Other web and client/server applications: Confidential which is a web based ASP .NET2003 C# Framework 1.1 application. Initiate and develop of HIPPA rolls option parameters functions for .NET VB shared code library to restrict printing/displaying of member, certain diagnosis and treatments information based on a member consent form. Lead a full life time cycle of HPN (health provider Network EDI). Multiple data synchronization processes for Sales Logix application. Created multiple jobs for cross system synchronization between DB2, SQL Server and Oracle. Was responsible for Crystal reports business objects Crystal server administration, configuration and support. Best Practices code review, issues troubleshooting, analysis, testing and documentation for Confidential offshore team and third party vendors.

Confidential, NY

System Analyst

Participate in development and maintenance of applications and post-production application support. Conversion of existing applications from VB6 to VB .NET 2003/2005 and ASP.NET. IIS configuration and maintenance.
Developed HR Paperless System using IIS6.0, ASP.NET2005 VB Framework 2.0, which allowed Lehmann’s stores to complete and submit HR forms via Intranet. (Payroll forms, Change of Status and etc.). Maintained Distribution Management System which allowed users to submit Excel files for automatic entry into the STS file Based System.

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Programmer Analyst

One of the major project: Conversion of GSUSA Membership System from Legacy (Mainframe) file based system to SQL Server 2003. Development and Implementation of multiple PC Mainframe scripts, Mainframe profiles and Batch files. GSUSA PC based Membership System (WINPCMS), Council Activity System (WINCAS) and Data Base Utilities (DBU), which had undergone major functional enhancements.

Provided support on multiple SQL Servers support and maintenance. Developed multiple ETL processes for specific data in support of individual Country/Council’s needs and security requirements.

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