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It Manager/senior Application Architect Resume


  • A Hands - On, Creative, Results Driven Leader with 19 years of experience.
  • A problem-solver with a passion for technology who is skilled with grasping the big picture, conceptualizing, developing and implementing solutions, and partnering closely with business leaders and C-level executives.


SOFTWARE: Visual Studio, SQL Server 7 - 2012, Installshield, Crystal Reports, SSRS Reporting Services, Sharepoint 2010, Biztalk, Infragistics UI Controls

PROGRAMMING: .Net Framework through 4.5, VB, C#, ASP.Net, WPF, MVC, Entity Framework, LINQ, T-SQL, Btrieve API, HIPAA, HL7


IT Manager/Senior Application Architect



  • Overseeing the IT assets and needs for 262 employees in a 267,000 sq/ft warehouse as well as the designer/programmer of our Surgical Loaner kit app known as oKP.
  • I manage our legacy ERP system and database as well as being a part of the migration team as we moved from our legacy system to Oracle EBS.

Confidential, Memphis, TN

Lead Technical Consultant


  • I assisted a grammy winning record producer with designing and budgeting a large scale infrastructure for a future project.
  • The design had to encompass everything due to the fact that there is no physical location as of yet. I had numerous, long discussions with vendors like Dell, AT&T, Compellant, SecureWorks and Microsoft on the topics of datacenter design, virtualization concepts, storage decisions, high availability, disaster recovery
  • VoIP telephony, redundant power systems, software licensing and Ecommerce solutions to create a design and compile a budget that would be easily scalable in any direction regardless of the starting position of the company once things got underway.
  • In the end I presented and discussed a $2.4M initial budget and overall strategic vision with the client and his investment group. I and the budget were given overwhelming, unanimous support by all individuals involved.
Confidential, Providence, RI

Chief Technology Officer


  • Held multifaceted responsibility with senior management role, tasked with providing critical direction and strategic leadership.
  • Implemented a complete rip and replace of the entire infrastructure. This included the design and deployment of an MPLS network design that connected six offices around the country.
  • Design, purchase and deployment of new infrastructure.
  • Part of what I was tasked to do was take an old access database that was loosely coupled to a SQL database that didn’t use any relationships or triggers and refactor it into a modern, usable version using SQL Server 2008 R2 including the refactoring and reprogramming of all stored procedures and triggers as well as reworking indices based on performance and tuning data. It also included taking all reports from the current project and reprogramming them in SSRS
  • Designed and implemented a robust high availability/Disaster Recovery solution.
  • Rewrote the company’s mission critical software running on Access 97 by using Visual Studio 2010, C#, WPF, XAML, Entity Framework 4.0, LINQ and SQL Server 2008 R2 to create an N-tier Windows based WPF desktop application utilizing third party Infragistics controls for the UI. Once I had redesigned the database I created the data access, validation and UI layers of the application utilizing the XIgnite web service as the world currencies data source.
  • Through all projects, Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 and Team Foundation Server was used to manage source code, resources and personnel.
  • Worked with Sharepoint and Sharepoint Designer to create the new company intranet site.
  • Maintained best practices and OO principles throughout
  • Designed an online trading platform using MVC, SQL Server and XIgnite as the currency data source.
  • Acted as technical liaison when dealing with government regulatory groups such as CTFC and NFA
Confidential, Mansfield, MA

Senior Architect


  • Originally responsible for designing a solution that would help the company bring its DOS based medical billing package into the Visual Basic 6 environment. The solution had to include a complete rework of the UI workflow, understanding and utilization of the Btrieve 6.15 API model along with a deployment solution using Installshield 5.5. As work continued on the project, assistance was given to the company’s existing clients in helping them bring their hardware up to speed to prepare for the new version. Once the project was completed, I was asked to be the company’s Senior Architect and begin work on a complete rewrite utilizing Visual Studio, VB.Net and SQL Server 2000 to create a 4 tier application. My duties included the design and programming of the database, design and programming of the application, doing data conversions for clients we were taking on board that would sometimes include the use of BizTalk, packaging the finished application for deployment using Installshield and providing customer assistance after deployment. This also included talking directly to insurance clearing houses to create EFT processes for insurance claims and the creation of automated EOBs on the back end.

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