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Database Security/assets Architect Resume

San Diego, CA


  • Over 15 years of consecutive Information Technology experience on a wide variety of platforms, hardware, and operating systems across several industries as a senior technical management consultant.
  • Certified in data architecture, data modeling and has designed and implemented several OLTP and OLAP systems.
  • Data quality/ETL/architecture expertise primarily using Oracle and SQL Server environments.
  • Performed master project scheduling, risk management, and Program Management Office (PMO) leader for a large international retail project.
  • Over 15 years of configuration management using SDLC best practices for medical, pharmaceutical, retail, telecommunications, and internet companies.
  • Provider of database architectures, methodologies, and best practices for several companies - using established project management methodologies.
  • Technical project manager and data architect for Data Conversion, Data Quality, Data Migration, and Data Warehouse projects.
  • Over 15 years of experience in SDLC steps of database design, administration, tuning, reporting, web development, system design, project management, and operational support within OLTP, OLAP, and hybrid environments.
  • OLTP and DW Data architect / administrator of Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and other database systems.
  • Prior Instructor of Oracle and SQL Server DBA certification courses for various 3rd party training vendors.
  • Received formal training on Oracle Apps 11i and Oracle Warehouse Builder from Oracle Confidential .
  • Received certification on data modeling and design of data warehouse systems.
  • Performed architecture and configuration analyses of DEV, QA, and PROD environments for several clients.
  • Proficient in database full project lifecycle including architectural designs, data modeling, code development, ETL process, application tuning, testing, and code reviews.
  • Architecture experience for reporting and ETL process using as Data Junction, Business Objects, Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle Warehouse Builder, T-SQL and PL/SQL scripting.
  • Former Professor of Oracle and SQL*Server database certification courses as well as database technologies including PL/SQL, T-SQL and tuning.


Hardware & OS: Windows servers and PCs, Sun Solaris 8/9/10, UNIX, Red Hat Linux, AIX, HP-UX, IBM 360/370/390

Operating Tools: Tivoli, CA Unicenter, Legato, Veritas

Networking: UNIX TCP/IP, NFS, SQL*Net

Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, JReports, Business Objects, Cognos, SSIS

RDBMS: Oracle 6/7/8i/9i/10g/11g, Oracle Apps 10/11i, SQL Server T-SQL 7, 2000, 2005, 2008 Enterprise/Server/Repository Manager, Oracle iCRM, SQL Plus, Forms, Menu, Oracle GLUE, Crystal Reports, Designer/Developer 2000, Erwin/ERX, Pro*C, Data Junction, Business Objects, Micro Strategy Configuration

Management: Visual Source Safe, CCC/Harvest, ClearCase, Perforce, RCS, SCCS

Applications: JDA, Retek, Oracle Apps11i, Siebel, Remedy, Informatica, IBI Data Migrator

Languages: DHTML, XML, HTML, Java, LISP, Basic, C/C++, FrontPage 2000, COBOL, Visual Basic 1.0-6.0, UNIX C/Korn Shell

ETL Tools: IBI Data Migrator, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle Data Integrator, Informatica

Data Profiling Tools: DataCleaner, Talend Data Profiler, Axio (Similarity Systems), Datiris Profiler

Data Modeling Tools: CA ERWin Data Modeler, Oracle SQL Developer, ER/Studio, Power Designer, Silverrun, Toad Data Modeler, Visio Professional


Confidential,San Diego,CA



  • Director and Data Architect responsible for marketing and data architecture for the company. Work with over ten business partners. Performed automated BI and ETL processes, data feeds, database design and development using Oracle, SQL, and internet technologies.

Confidential,San Diego,CA

Database Security/Assets Architect

  • Developed an ETL architectural solution using SQL Server which involved the integration of multiple large data sources into a single isolated staging environment. The staging environment was used for loading, filtering, profiling, and eventual loading into the Archer schema target environment for asset security compliance with company and SOX requirements.
  • Worked with large amounts of asset, HR, and security related data which included flat files and database tables from many sources.
  • Profiled, cleansed, validated, and integrated all data loaded into staging schemas using T-SQL scripts and 3rd party data profiling tools.
  • Validated all data with security business analysts to make sure that the data was correctly mapped, loaded, and compliant with corporate security / SOX standards.
  • Translated all business security reporting and analysis requirements and models into working ETL process.
  • Developed the architectural solution using metadata models and resolved any bottlenecks in the ETL loading process while assuring compliance in all phases of the SDLC process by providing documentation, reviews, and data analysis summaries. Bad data was filtered out early in the loading stages thereby reducing future costly efforts of data clean-up in production targets.
  • Established data standards and policies, data modeling, systems architecture design, and migration system architectures to ensure access to and integrity of data assets for security and confidentiality compliance.
  • Analyzed changes in online transactional processing, business processes, and external information sources and recommends modifications, to improve quality of applications and meet additional requirements.
  • Coordinated activities of database analysts and other database personnel to determine appropriate database deployment strategies and parameters, to ensure cost effectiveness and system efficiency.
  • Evaluated reusability of current data for additional analysis, while maintaining integrity and confidentiality of information.
  • Conducted data cleansing to eliminate duplicate and bad data, as well as purge systems of old, unused, and duplicated data for better management and quicker query response times.

Confidential,San Diego,CA

Medical Database Reporting Architect

  • Designed, tested, and deployed an enterprise database reporting system for medical information using MySQL, Oracle, Windows, and UNIX environments.
  • Reports consisted of analysis of medical drug and patient information for several major medical insurance providers including return on investment, drug safety, and gaps in care.
  • Performed detailed analysis of database architecture and newly designed processes supporting medical prescription and drug interaction with diseases as they were related to medical insurance claims. In particular performed database and data model analyses and process migration between several Oracle and MySQL customer database architectures.
  • Analyzed data quality and evaluated/proposed new reporting architecture for end-to-end on-demand reporting requirements for multiple clients/environments. Utilized Oracle, MySQL, custom interfaces/rules, and proposed J-Reports reporting architecture.
  • Developed and tested PL/SQL and T-SQL scripts and documented the new processes in the architecture.
  • Tested SoupUI and program functions for the medical analysis interfaces.
  • Set up testing environments for the upcoming medical database reporting projects.
  • Performed testing of existing custom C/C++ interfaces with API's at the database level and provided detailed test plans and summarized testing results with suggested improvements.
  • Identified missing fields, erroneous data, and incorrectly working interfaces and suggested changes that needed to be made.


Database Architect

  • Data Warehouse Architect responsible for the design, building, testing, and documentation of an Enterprise Data Warehouse integrating several source system schemas using Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB 11gR1) and Oracle 11g. Designed and implemented the ETL process using several staging schemas and an Operational Data Store for reporting using Business Objects. Dashboards were implemented for monitoring the job feeds as well as monitoring data quality. The stage and target star / snowflake schemas were designed and modeled using ERWin.
  • Developed a new architecture and implemented an enterprise strategy for loading data for the Theater Medical Data Store (TMDS) application for the Defense Health Information Management System (DHIMS).
  • Responsible for data modeling of several new and modified systems including OLTP, data feeder systems, and data warehouses.
  • Used ERWin and Quest data modeling tools.
  • Designed and implemented stage, vault, and DataMart schemas using Oracle 10g database, Oracle Warehouse Builder11gR1, and Business Objects XI Rel.1
  • Received training and certification on the Data Vault data modeling methodology - see http://www.GeneseeAcademy.com/certification/ which means that I have a foundational base for creating, designing, and building scalable, flexible, and accountable enterprise data integration stores.
  • Received training on Oracle Warehouse builder from Oracle Confidential .
  • Received training on Business Objects XI Rel.1 in support of report creation for the Theater Medical Data Store application. Designed and implemented several XML feeder system interfaces to Oracle back-end databases.
  • Designed Blood schema model using ERWin and deployed into an Oracle development environment. Developed PL/SQL stored procedures and functions to support access to the Oracle database from the web application.
  • Implemented Oracle Spatial (and the entire MSAT schema) by loading and transporting spatial data, and allowing for SDO GEOMETRY to be used in a web application performing spatial queries (MSAT). Performance improvements of from 2-7 times were achieved using an Oracle database - version
  • Maintained and maintained using SDLC best practices - entire dev., QA, test, demo, and production instances for MSAT.
  • Developed several Oracle database standards documents including schema design, installation and patch, feed system designs, database configurations, as well as installation documents and security.
  • Performed Oracle database tuning for the Blood Inventory Management (BIM) project as well as for the Medical Situational Awareness Theater (MSAT).
  • Converted FEEDBACK web application back-end database originally in MySQL to Oracle 10g.
  • Received training on HIPAA Privacy and Security in order to comply with HIPAA privacy regulations.

Confidential,San Diego,CA

Database Administrator

  • ETL administrator ensuring that existing jobs complete on time and checking for error.
  • Organized a conversion effort of Oracle PL/SQL reporting queries to be used in the SQL Server T-SQL 2005 environment. Total of over 300 PL/SQL routines converted to T-SQL routines.
  • Designed and coding ETL routines for loading data from Excelergy Oracle to LoadStar SQL Server databases.

Confidential,San Diego,CA

Technical Project Lead for Data Integration Project

  • Lead the development team for the BranchNet Pershing Integration project which provides data to an integrated trading system enabling advisors of a broker dealer system to view data from multiple disparate sources.
  • Managed the development of Informatica PowerCenter v8.x workflows, as well as database schemas, ETL processes utilizing an in-house proprietary job scheduling system.
  • SQL Server 2000 and 2005 were utilized on Windows platforms using T-SQL.
  • Managed technical developers, prepared system specification documentation, built and deployed servers, and prepared release documentation to support the SDLC release process.

Confidential,San Diego,CA

Database Administrator and Data Architect

  • Installed, configured, tuned, and re-architected production criminal and mapping databases using SQL Server 2000 and 2005 using T-SQL. These databases supported a variety of law enforcement web sites.
  • Performed production DBA monitoring of all database servers. These included crime search, mapping, and SDPD data as well as various flavors of 3rd party databases.
  • Created and maintained job schedules for ETL processing.
  • Performed security audits, enforced best practice database design methodologies.
  • Re-designed the SAN partition layouts for disk I/O database performance and future growth.
  • Developed, tested, and documented Disaster Recovery (DR) practices for Oracle as well as SQL Server databases.
  • Upgraded databases from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005.
  • Upgraded and supported blade servers as well as preparing SAN for VM-ware applications.
  • Prepared project plan, analyzed, designed and began porting the CALPHOTO database running on Oracle 9i to SQL Server 2000 and 2005 using T-SQL. This involved the re-design of the schema using ERWin as well as reverse engineering, documenting, and analyzing all of the PL/SQL code including triggers, functions, stored procedures, etc.
  • Patched and performed maintenance and upgrades of production SQL Server databases systems.
  • Migrated databases from the different states: DEV to QA to PROD states.
  • Developed project plan, migration plan, and target schema for CalPhoto image database ported from Oracle to SQL Server.
  • Developed enterprise OLTP schema for the ATD crime database using ERWin. The Global Justice XML format was used in the model in order to ensure proper mapping of data feeds coming in and going out of the database.
  • Performed schema comparisons and maintained production and QA/test databases.
  • Designed target schema for SDPD database using SQL Server and T-SQL. DTS jobs and job scheduler tasks were used to refresh the data on a daily basis.
  • Utilized a variety of DBA tools including Spotlight on SQL Server, Spotlight on Oracle, DBArtisan, and Quest Toad with DBA option, ERWin, and T-SQL. Posted server and database architecture information on the Intranet Wiki.

Confidential,San Diego,CA

Database Architect

  • Re-architected the back-end ETL process supporting the Call Center reporting data warehouse using Microsoft SQL-Server, t-SQL, and SSIS.
  • Designed new data warehouse reporting system that provided statistics which improved the Quality of calls and work orders, and also improved Call Responses thru providing information on attendance, availability, schedule compliance, and other business statistics.
  • Re-designed the enterprise consolidated schemas for rapid reporting services.
  • Source systems included Sybase, Oracle, and SQL Server databases.


Production DBA Consultant

  • Provided production and application DBA support for Microsoft SQL-Server and Oracle9i database systems for various on-going projects.
  • Managed the configuration, testing, and release of new production SQL Server.
  • Wrote and tested SQL Server T-SQL stored procedures and Oracle PL/SQL to implement business logic.
  • Developed SQL coding (SQL Server T-SQL and Oracle PL/SQL) including PL/SQL and Unix Shell Scripting.
  • Migrated databases to/from SQL Server T-SQL to Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Performed database performance tuning, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Managed Oracle9i on Linux operation system.
  • Performed Oracle Partitioning, RMAN, Statspack, SQL*Loader tasks.
  • Implemented RAID on SQL Server machines.
  • Experience and knowledge of HTML, ASP, and Visual Basic 6.0, VB.Net and other web development languages and tools was required.

Confidential,San Diego,CA

Data Warehouse Architect

  • Lead the Data warehouse team in the methodologies and tools utilized in the deployment of the San Diego Confidential IPTS data warehouse.
  • Architected the design of the Data warehouse including dimensions, cubes, ETL process, job scheduling, and reporting queries.
  • Designed logical as well as physical schemas for the IPTS OLTP and data warehouse using ERWin.
  • Performed basic project management tasks including planning, estimating, status reporting and scope management.
  • Met with vendors and aided the negations as well as 3rd party tool selections as well as licenses for databases and hardware configurations.
  • Mentored and trained project team members in the implementation and use of latest data warehouse tools and methodologies including Oracle10g, Oracle Warehouse Builder, and various reporting tools.
  • Worked with business users to define user requirements and business rules.
  • Developed standards and prescribed a defined software development life cycle methodology
  • Ensured the integrity, reliability, efficiency, and data quality of the BI design and resulting infrastructure.
  • Developed the detailed data architectures that support the enterprise and defined the data standards for enterprise systems.
  • Reviewed and assessed all major database designs for implementation feasibility, ensuring that data structure aligned with business goals, intended use, and flexibility of design.
  • Translated business requirements into implementation process by considering all alternatives and implementing the best strategy to ensure design meets performance, usability, reliability and scalability requirements.
  • Participated in the definition of both functional and non-functional requirements of a system and defines the development strategy, standards and support tools.
  • Performed analysis and conceptual design to ensure high-level designs are accurately documented and receive the appropriate stakeholder approval.
  • Tracked all tasks and deliverables throughout the phases of the project.
  • Designed and implemented the data migration and profiling methodology of up to 40 source legacy systems using Similarity Systems Axio 4.x and IBI Data Migrator 5.3 and 7.1.
  • Lead the efforts to design and develop both the OLTP database target and OLAP datawarehouse for the San Diego Confidential IPTS property tax system. Included a reporting datamart and delivered daily canned reports as well as ad hoc reports using JReports server.
  • Managed consultants working on Enterprise data modeling, 3rd party vendor consultants providing business and data knowledge, as well as the data migration strategy.
  • Systems included: Oracle 10G, Solaris 10, Windows 2003 Enterprise Server, SQL Server T-SQL 2000 and 2005, Similarity Systems Axio data profiling toolset, IBI Data Migrator and IBI commercial adapters to mainframe legacy systems.

Confidential,La Jolla,CA

System Configuration Manager Consultant

  • Technical project manager responsible for creation, maintenance, and enforcement of System Configuration Management best practices for Legacy Data warehouse systems including both Oracle and SQL Server T-SQL Data Repositories.
  • Managed team of resources responsible for the development and QA testing of the company’s core data warehouse systems.
  • Maintained database schemas, performed schema comparisons, as well as schema modifications using ERWin.
  • Managed build processes and directed resources who prepared architectural documentation in support of the entire build procedures.
  • Software Tools include: Oracle 9i, Informatica PowerCenter Designer/Repository Manager/Repository Server Admin Console/Workflow Manager/Workflow Monitor 6.2.1, Business Objects, Siebel 7.5.26, Tidal (job scheduler), and Hyperion.
  • Provided technical project management direction of a team of data warehouse developers, testers, and business members during the migration of four large Enterprise Intelligence projects.


Database Architect and Data warehouse Team Lead

  • Marketing and data architect for data models and schemas for the cars.com portion of the business. Used ERWin to modify and maintain the data models.
  • Lead the team in the use of appropriate methodologies and strategies for both data warehouse and OLTP system.
  • Lead the re-architecture and re-configuration of both OLTP and Data Warehouse applications.
  • Developed project plans to re-architect and migrated SQL Server T-SQL 7.5 to SQL Server T-SQL 2000 for Customer Center application a multi-TB Hybrid (OLTP+OLAP) application ported to Hitachi SAN.
  • Lead the effort to ensure that proper data modeling was performed company-wide using ERWin 3.5.1 and 4.0.
  • Supported the entire project lifecycle from detailed functional specification through design, coding, QA/test, and production release. Approximately 50% technical management and 50% technical consultant.
  • Established business requirements and documentation standards for new and modified business processes using Visio Professional.
  • Responsible for the enforcement of change control policies throughout the business vertical.

DBA Backup/Recovery and Disaster Recovery

  • Implemented redundant backup and recovery strategies including hot and cold backups, scheduled nightly exports, and archivelogmode.
  • Used RMAN and operating system utilities to perform backups.
  • Developed thorough DR plans for several production systems.

Environment: SUN Enterprise running Solaris, Netscape, Dynamo, Erwin, Oracle 8i/9iAS/10G, SQL Server T-SQL 7/2000, Visual Source Safe, Business Objects, SSIS.

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