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Sr. Database Analyst Resume

Houston, TX


  • 10+ years of experience as an IT Professional focusing on Data Modeling, Data Warehousing, and Data Design.
  • Well versed in Kimball vs Inmon Dimensional Modeling Techniques such as Star Schema/Snowflake Schema
  • Develop Use Case Diagrams for business processes
  • Technical team lead serving as go - to technical resource for all database driven projects and initiatives
  • Establish best practice for Physical and Logical Data Models
  • Establish best practices for ETL’s.
  • Ability to use tools such as Multi-Dimensional and Tabular SSAS cubes to enhance Self Service Business Intelligence
  • Business interfacing professional well versed in gathering requirements and translating them into technical specifications
  • Driven to constantly seek out the most current business technology solutions, such as researching how to blend Data warehousing concepts with Big Data/Hadoop ecosystem


  • Data warehouse: Strong in Data Warehousing concepts such as dimensional Star Schema and Snowflakes Schema methodologies.
  • Data Modeling using ER-Studio
  • Self Service Business Intelligence: Power Pivot/Power View with SharePoint 2010
  • Expertise in Database design, Entity Normalization & Database Creation, Maintenance, Monitoring, Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting.
  • Optimization and Tuning for increasing Query and Database performance
  • SQL Profiler, Index tuning, Windows Performance for monitoring and tuning MS SQL Server performance.
  • SQL(complex queries, triggers, stored procedures, views) and T-SQL queries (SQL 2012/2008/2005/2000 )
  • Data migrating (using tools like SSIS, DTS, BULK INSERT, BCP) between different homogeneous/heterogeneous systems and SQL Server as a part of Data Migration and Data Maintenance
  • Administration: Log Shipping (SQL 2000), Replication (SQL 2005), Linked Servers, create store procedures to manage administration tasks such as job failures, error logs, missing indexes
  • Familiar with C# .NET, VB.NET, VB6, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Access Applications


Confidential, Houston, TX

Sr. Database Analyst


  • PODS (Pipeline Open Data Standard) 5.0 Relational Model to analyze ILI/HCA/Risk Pipeline Data
  • Using ER Studio: designed and developed Data Warehouse framework using Kimball/Inmon methodologies (Star Schema, conformed dimensions, surrogate keys, etc.)
  • Concentrated Data Warehouse using SOLAP concepts to analyze GIS Data such as Roads/RailRoad/Waterway Crossings with Enterprise Pipelines
  • Created Use Case Diagrams which outlined business processes and gathered business rules
  • Coordinated SSIS and SSRS environment from SQL 2008 R2 to SQL 2014
  • Developed custom error handling package to support all SSIS errors
  • Designed and implemented configuration of all SSIS packages using environment variables, SQL Server configurations, and XML
  • Utilized variables, data flows, script tasks, SQL Tasks, SCD’s, For Loops, For Each Loops, Send Mail Task, Logging, Event Handlers, and other SSIS components to manage data from multiple sources into SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Migrated from SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2012
  • Configure SSRS projects to deploy to multiple environments using SSRS configuration manager
  • Developing stored procedures using SQL Spatial Features such as geometry intersections, validation, and unions
  • Identified the benefits of SQL 2012 SSAS tabular cube model for PowerView by executing the design and development of a prototype
  • Leading initiative to deliver Self-Service Business Intelligence using Power View/Power Pivot and SharePoint
  • Leading group training sessions for the usage of Power View, Power Pivot, SQL 2012 new functionalities such as parameters in SSIS/configurations
  • Leading research and development to determine how file search system can be improved with Hadoop framework and MongoDB
  • Implemented and configured TFS

Confidential, Houston, TX

BI Data Architect

  • Used ER-Studio, designed and implemented the necessary fact and dimension tables to support the start schema model
  • Designed a Data Warehouse strategy which was a combination of both Inmon and Kimball methodologies.
  • Extensive T-SQL using SQL 2008: Create objects such as tables, triggers, views, and stored procedures
  • Utilized new features in SQL 2008 such us: Change Data Capture, SQL Merge, and Filtered Index
  • Created complex SSIS packages to populate data warehouse
  • Created SSRS reports (used gauges, sub-reports)
  • Used SSAS cubes to build reports
  • Used MDX for SSAS cubes

Confidential, Houston, TX

SQL Server Database Developer

  • Upgraded many DTS to SSIS upgrade 2008
  • SQL 2008: Created objects such as tables, triggers, views, and stored procedures
  • SSRS reports

Confidential, Houston, TX

Sr. BI Developer

  • Served as technical lead to team providing best practices, design and program specifications
  • Data modeling utilizing ER Studio
  • Served as technical lead in the re-engineering and development of ETL
  • Improved query performance by changing database model from Snowflake to Star Schema from 10 minutes to 1 second
  • Implemented Snapshot Isolation to prevent database from locking during data load into data warehouse
  • Created ETL design enabling data warehouse, KPI’s, and aggregate tables to process in 30 minutes versus 8 hours as in previous design
  • Coordinated and developed ETL design within aggressive deadlines
  • Designed and implemented Table Partitioning to improve query performance by quarter
  • Created objects such as tables, triggers, views, and stored procedures
  • Utilized T-SQL, CTE and dynamic queries
  • Responsible for Database Capacity Planning
  • Developed stored procedures to calculate KPI’s which allowed for re-usability
  • Responsible for SSRS utilizing data sets, store procedures
  • Implemented techniques for slowly changing dimensions
  • Created stored procedures that calculate KPI’s dynamically allowing flexibility and re-usability for .NET application
  • Configured packages utilizing database, xml, and deployment
  • Utilized vb script component to dynamically extract files and handle the movement of files
  • Improved deployment process by establishing new procedures to coordinate changes between each environment (dev, test, stage)
  • Responsible for synching development environments with production environments
  • Provided indexing using dynamic views in SQL 2005 to improve reporting performance
  • Monitored servers to ensure development and test are performing at acceptable standards
  • Responsible for maintenance tasks including updating statistics, rebuilding indexes, clearing log when full

Confidential, Houston, TX

Database Developer/DBA

  • Loaded data from OLTP data source to Data Warehouse
  • Utilized T-SQL, stored procedures, views, functions, triggers, tables
  • Developed Financial Data Warehouse using star model
  • Designed and developed ETL using SSIS to load financial data
  • Designed and developed SSAS cubes to analyze financial data using SSRS reports
  • Created and implemented best practice procedures for developers
  • Managed lock issues, performance bottlenecks
  • Moved user databases and transaction logs to different disks
  • Provided Log Shipping /SQL 2005 Replication
  • Monitored jobs, DTS packages, size of databases and transaction logs
  • Utilized SQL Profiler to identify worst performing queries
  • Wrote custom scripts to automate DBA operations
  • Responsible for Query Tuning via SQL Profiler, Dynamic views, Execution Plan
  • Provided Server Monitoring (CPU, memory, disk space)
  • Provided backup and restoration of the database and the Transaction Log
  • Handled user permissions on database objects, roles, and group management

Confidential, Houston, TX

Database Developer III

  • Provided Schema design: logical/physical utilizing ER Studio and Visio Database Models
  • Provided database design implementation and object creation to ensure data integrity
  • Responsible for data conversion to fit Data Warehouse model
  • Develop complex SQL queries, stored procedures, triggers and DTS packages
  • Monitored and optimized queries for satisfactory performance
  • Reported development and data migration
  • Documented existing and new solutions
  • Provided Quality Assurance
  • Participated in testing and debugging
  • Provided backup and restoration of the database and the Transaction Log

Confidential, Houston, TX

Systems Data & Software Specialist

  • Created data model to interact with PDA .Net Compact Framework Application
  • Developed PDA Questionnaire using .NET Compact Framework
  • Developed automation through NET 2.0/C# Scheduling and Tracking Systems serving to reduced paperwork and allowing for an efficient process
  • Developed Lab System that tracks samples being stored utilizing SQL 2005 and .NET Framework
  • Created tables, triggers, functions, stored procedures, views, indexes
  • Reviewed current practices and made recommendations for database
  • Documented designs that maintained the integrity and relationship model of the database

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