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Associate Integration Specialist Resume

Baton Rouge, LouisianA


  • Software Science engineering Programming
  • Trained and knowledgeable in Engineering Principles, Network & Circuit Design & Troubleshooting, Digital & Logic Design, Database Design & Development, Software Design & Application Programming.
  • Skilled in application development, project implementation, troubleshooting, quality control, scheduling and planning, and tracking of results. Proven accomplishments in application software development as well as programming for specific customized client and system requirements.
  • Leadership skills include ability to work effectively with teams and managers, creative problem - solving and solution-oriented work style, decisive and confident decision-making, and in-depth proficiency with new technology trends and updates in software application development.


Programming, Computer Language, & Other Skills: Skilled in Systems Analysis & Design utilizing various computer languages and software tools, including Java, SQL, C, C#, Visual Basic, Python, .NET, Proficient in Windows, Android, and Unix/Linux OS (Debian)

Applications: MS Visual Studio, pandas, matplotlib, numpy, Team Foundation Server, Informatica PowerCenter, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, ServiceNow, Eclipse/Java, SQL Workbench, Control - M, SSIS web administration tool, Sharepoint, Psql, ipdb

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, Sqlite, PostgreSQL


Associate Integration Specialist

Confidential, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


  • Peformed SSIS datamart enhancements for DM1 - Membership, DM2 - SubscriberMember, DM3 - SubscriberMemberAncillary, DM4 - UtilizationMgt, DM5 - Provider, DM6 - ClaimsAccumulator, DM7 - DiagnosisAndProcedure, DM8 - CaseManagement, DM11 - Products, DM12 - BenefitsRates, DM13 - Billing, DM14 - NetworX, DM90 - Common, DM90 - Step One (claims), DataDrivenSql.dtsx(Visual Basic 2010 script), and EnhancedCopyClaims Prod-Test packages.
  • Conducted ID cards analysis and helped with SSIS datamart 2005 to 2012 conversion.
  • Assisted with Control - M test datamart setup and supported datamart test loads for different teams within the organization.
  • Conducted datamart troubleshooting, analysis, and problem-fix, resolved datamart nightly incidents, and implemented emergency break fix for DM2 column data conversion error.
  • Tested DM2 production changes for data discrepancies between two datasets, the control database and the changed database, to ensure data integrity.
  • Aided EDS incident resolution while on duty and helped with EDS training and mentoring.
  • Completed Informatica PowerCenter LEVEL 1 training for developers and put into place process improvements.
  • Helped to ensure the new sit server STWV00-FDMAPP01 worked correctly by running different jobs and tested the Control - M test datamart environment for correct functionality.
  • Informatica PowerCenter, Visual Studio, SQL Server
  • C#, Visual Basic, .NET, Java, Structured Query Language

Software Developer

Confidential, New Orleans, Louisiana


  • Served as Software Developer on a multi-member team for an information systems and technology services corporation with responsibility for analyzing, designing, coding, and testing software
  • Modified / created SEMS configuration items to meet requested requirements, performed programmer / unit testing to ensure actual modifications met requested requirements, and participated in weekly meetings to keep up-to-date with program status.
  • Additional responsibilities included making recommendations to improve the Support Equipment Management system and coordinating with team members to resolve on-going project related problems.
  • Additionally responsible for database development and maintenance, PL/SQL, user interfaces, complex SQL queries, error debugging, integration testing, and functions, stored procedures, triggers, and packages.

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