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Contractor Personnel Security Officer Resume

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  • To obtain a position which will allow me to utilize my knowledge of the evaluation and analysis of business principles, concepts, policies and practices, in an effort to meet business needs and improve business processes.
  • To gain exposure to new skills to enhance my professional growth


  • Exceptional Leadership and Initiative
  • Excellent Verbal and Written Communications
  • Ability to think analytically and solve problems
  • Outstanding Client Services
  • Ability to work well independently or within a team setting

Technical Skills

  • O/S: MS Windows XP, Microsoft Vista, Macintosh
  • Browsers: Netscape, IE
  • S/W: MS Office 2003, MS Office 2007, WP 6.0, MS Outlook, Excel,PowerPoint, SharePoint
  • Typing Speed: 70 WPM

Education and Special Training

  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Masters of Science Technology Management
  • Bachelor of Arts English

Professional experience August 2009- May 2011 Contractor Personnel Security Officer (CPSO)/Facilities Manager Confidential

  • Analyzed complex security documents and regulations, and appropriately extracted relevant material to document Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to be followed across organization
  • Reviewed security current requirements, and implemented across organization accordingly
  • Analyzed current security practices to determine efficacy, and made adjustments to security program accordingly
  • Submitted PARs for personnel requiring access to program(s)
  • Created security education materials and disseminated throughout organization (e.g., PowerPoints, Newsletters, Flyers, etc.)
  • Overseen compliance with overall security program on a daily basis
  • Provided required briefings to all required personnel
  • Communicated security-related updates to upper management and other staff members at weekly staff meetings
  • Performed all facilities-related tasks, including, but not limited to: identifying office locations for new employees; facilitating the build-out for any part of the facility, used to support various initiatives/programs; placing work orders for any identified deterioration of the facility; providing escorts to technicians and other workers, as needed; and maintaining the overall condition of the building.
  • Performed various other duties, as assigned

August 2006- July 2009 Lead Personnel Security Analyst Confidential

  • Prepared security refresher briefings for employees, outlining security regulations and procedures for handling, storing, disposing of, or keeping various records of a classified or proprietary nature
  • Prepared and disseminated security education and training materials
  • Developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and process flow charts for security clearance processes
  • Continuously reviewed business processes to look for ways to improve or enhance effectiveness and efficiency of overall program
  • Authored and/or edited documentation provided to employees on guidance for submitting security clearance paperwork, ways to avoid common rejections, etc
  • Trained new employees
  • Generated various status reports to submit to upper management personnel
  • Acted as a liaison between the government and employee by forwarding messages to the employee from the government, and providing assistance to employees regarding government instructions related to the submittal/rejection of a security clearance application
  • Functioned as a JPAS Administrator and Account Manager, performing duties related to unlocking JPAS accounts and changing passwords; initiating employees for security clearances; checking the statuses of security clearances; indoctrinations; reviewing security clearance applications for accuracy and completeness prior to government submittal; maintain JPAS PSMNet; transfer employees between cage codes, when necessary
  • Conducted security debriefings for persons departing the company, in compliance with NISPOM directives and other federal security regulations
  • Prepared for and participated in DSS audits
  • Performed various other duties, as assigned

July 2005 -August 2006 Adjudicator Confidential

  • Evaluated and analyzed complex federal regulations against field investigations to determine if any findings constituted potentially disqualifying conditions
  • Made suitability determinations and recommendations for United States Air Force Personnel
  • Favorably reviewed and closed cases, resolved issues associated with Personnel Security background investigations according to Adjudicative Guidelines, and resolved and/or mitigated issues via telephone and/or written follow-up in accordance with AFCAF security and suitability protocol
  • Prepared/Drafted written correspondence via Letters of Denial/Revocation and disseminated to appropriate Air Force personnel
  • Prepared/Drafted a Statement of Reasons in appropriate cases
  • Continuously familiarized myself with federal standards surrounding federal investigations for BI, LBI, SSBI, SSBI-PR, and NACLC case types for clearances at the Secret, Top Secret, and TS/SCI levels
  • Utilized DOD 5200.2-R, IAW AFI 31-501 and Adjudicative Guidelines on a daily basis to assist in making security clearance determinations

October 2004- June 2005 Senior Personnel Security Specialist/Adjudicator Confidential

  • Conducted criminal/non-criminal security screening and evaluation of applicants seeking renewals and original Merchant Mariner Documents (MMDs) and licenses
  • Interpreted complex security guidelines, policies, standards and criteria, and applied them in the adjudication of cases
  • Conducted security screening through the use of a number of public and private databases within employment and licensing legal parameters, such as NCIC, to ensure that persons obtaining MMD and license credentials posed no national security or marine safety threat
  • Made critical decisions on the suitability of an applicant to serve in the Merchant Marine
  • Utilized the Mariner Application Review Tracking System (MARTS) to document evaluations and process the results for the disposition of MMD applications
  • Constructed detailed summaries in MARTS of derogatory information, and prepared final recommendation of approval or denial
  • Maintained custody of security sensitive documents and ensured that all documents were secured/destroyed in accordance with established DHS/USCG regulations

January 2004- September 2004 Background Investigations Case Analyst

  • Reviewed Personnel Security cases for evidence of criminal conduct, financial responsibility, alcohol/drug abuse, mental/emotional illness, sexual misconduct, unauthorized disclosure of classified information, or other security violations
  • Analyzed all Personnel Security cases to ensure that all actions taken were in accordance with the security principles, concepts, policies and practices dictated by the DSS 20-1-M Manual
  • Prepared detailed analyses and assembled Reports of Investigation (ROI)
  • Reviewed ROIs in an effort to identify the presence/absence of derogatory background information that would affect the adjudication of the case
  • Contacted investigators to resolve questions or issues and initiated additional investigative leads as necessary
  • Utilized an automated case management system (CMS) to assist in the tracking and analysis of case matters and lead status
  • Conducted quality assurance calls to ensure that investigators complied with the standards set forth by DSS

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