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DC Government
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9/30/18 +
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09 Jan 2018
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Required Skills: IT Consultant - Journeyman, lead projects, install, configure system, hardware, networks. 

Job Description:

6-10 years of experience.  Coordinates IT project mgmt.., engineering, maintenance, QA, & risk mgmt.  Responsible for effective provisioning, installation / configuration, operation & maintenance of computer hardware, software & related infrastructure.

The vendor shall provide a knowledgeable IT Consultant with 3-5 years of experience in public safety information technology.  The consultant will be responsible for 9-1-1 and 3-1-1 application management, IT support, and overall system functionality.  In addition, the resource will be required to support the system and network (LAN / WAN, etc.) as well as monitor applications for availability and performance, as needed.



  • Coordinates IT project management, engineering, maintenance, QA, and risk management.
  • Plans, coordinates, and monitors project activities.
  • Develops technical applications to support users.
  • Develops, implements, maintains and enforces documented standards and procedures for the design, development, installation, modification, and documentation of assigned systems.
  • Provides training for system products and procedures.
  • Performs application upgrades.
  • Performs, monitoring, maintenance, or reporting on real- time databases, real-time network and serial data communications, and real-time graphics and logic applications.
  • Troubleshoots problems.
  • Ensures project life-cycle is in compliance with District standards and procedures.
  • Installs new or rebuilds existing servers and configures hardware, peripherals, services, settings, directories, and storage in accordance with standards and project / operational requirements.
  • Performs daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs, and verifying completion of scheduled jobs such as backups.
  • Performs regularly scheduled monitoring to identify any possible intrusion.
  • Performs daily backup operations, ensuring all required file systems and system data are successfully backed up to the appropriate media, recovery tapes or disks are created, and media is recycled and sent off site as necessary.
  • Creates, changes, and deletes user accounts per request.
  • Provides Tier III / other support per request from various constituencies.
  • Applies operating system (OS) patches and upgrades on a regular basis, and upgrades administrative tools and utilities.
  • Configures / adds new services as necessary.
  • Upgrades and configures system software that supports infrastructure applications or Asset Management applications per project or operational needs.
  • Performs periodic performance reporting to support capacity planning.
  • Completes other IT tasks as assigned.

Day to Day Tasks:

  • 9-1-1 and 3-1-1 call floor support.
  • IT Systems Infrastructure Support.
  • VM Administrator.
  • After-hours maintenance support for Tier 3 issues or major system issues / outages
  • Mobile Data Computers (MDC) support (as needed)
  • Other tasks as assigned.

Minimum Education/Certification Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or related field or equivalent experience.




Overall IT Exp. ( 6-10 yrs.)   









6-10 yrs. planning, coordinating, and monitoring project activities. Required. 6 Years



6-10 yrs. leading projects, ensuring they are in compliance with established standards, procedures. Required. 6 Years.



Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field or equivalent experience. Required.



6-10 yrs. installing and configuring system (OS) patches and upgrades. Required. 6 years



6-10 yrs. installing and configuring system hardware/software in an enterprise environment. Required. 6 Years.



6-10 yrs. monitoring networks to ensure security and availability. Required. 6 Years.



6-10 yrs. performing daily backups. Required. 6 Years.



6-10 yrs. troubleshooting server and other hardware issues. Required. 6 Years.



6-10 years providing technical diagnostics, trouble shooting, setup and configuration. Required. 6 Years.



6-10 years responding and troubleshooting end users technical concerns. Required. 6 Years.



6-10 years diagnosing and repairing peripheral equipment as needed. Required. 6 Years.



6-10 years tracking and escalating open technical issues in a public safety IT environment. Required. 6 Years



6-10 years providing technical assistance improving program designs and operations. Required. 6 Years



6-10 years supporting application functionality and access. Required. 6 Years



6-10 years providing determination between network, hardware, and software issues. Required. 6 Years.



6-10 years desktop imaging, deployment, packaging, and break / fix services. Required. 6 Years



6-10 years of experience in analysis and documentation of preventative maintenance and technical processes

Required. 6 Years.



6-10 years of experience in technical writing, including but not limited to drafting standard operating procedure documents. Required. 6 Years



Minimum of 3 years of experience as an IT analyst in a public safety IT environment. Required. 3 Years



Minimum of 3 years of experience working with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). Required. 3 Years.