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NTT Data
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6 Months
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17 Jul 2012
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The developer role will be to take the source-to-Client mappings (EDW to credit mart tables) from the BA's and write the ETL processes to move the data between the EDW and the credit mart. The ETL processes will be managed using SAP's Data Service's ETL tool, though the primary development effort will be building push-down SQL processes (procedural SQL) that can be implemented as separate modules through the Data Services toolset. Must have experience with Data Services, PostgreSQL SQL, scripting, indexing, partitioning, as well as basic DBA skills (indexing, partitioning, creating/dropping/truncating objects, creating temporary tables, user rights management, database tuning and optimization).


The client uses Data Services in a very unique way - typically, DS extracts data to a job server, applies necessary transforms and business rules, then pushes the data back into the database. Because there isn't a

bulk loader connector for their Greenplum system (and because of the size of the data sets they work with) they simply use Data Services as a workflow manager and scheduler. Each Data Services workflow consists

of a database connection, a series of SQL-commands packaged as a script, and a schedule module. The actual transformations and processing takes place within the database itself through SQL statements. Very clever way to get high performance ETL processing but also very unique to them. In this case, we'll need someone with Data Service experience who was a DBA or SQL developer in a former life, hence the purple squirrel connotation.


We have a team on the ground there at present….this role would interact with our team and also the client. Ideally, the right candidate has excellent communication skills and some history in either the banking or financial services arena.