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State of Arkansas
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6 Months
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14 Aug 2012
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Short Description:


The Arkansas Army National Guard is seeking an entry level Service Desk Analyst to troubleshoot computer support problems and apply their understanding of computer software, hardware products, and services to resolve user problems.


Complete Description:

1 to 3 years field experience


Preferred Education: Prefer two years of post-secondary training in field of specialty; willing to accept equivalent education and experience combined + required certifications. Copies of certifications are required.  Certifications are not required upon start date but MUST be obtained within the first six months of the engagement.  The cost of obtaining the certification will be the responsibility of the vendor and contractor.


Local candidates with the following experience preferred.


• Ability to utilize imaging software.

• Knowledge of property accountability processes.

• Captures, maintains and track warranty data for all fielded systems

• Receive telephone calls and e-mails from users having problems using computer software and hardware or inquiring how to use specific software, programming languages, electronic mail, or operating systems.

• Ascertain the nature of problem; determine whether problem is caused by hardware such as modem, printer, cables, or telephone, and log in tracking system.

• Escalate problems in accordance with defined procedures.

• Assist users through problem solving steps

• Use technical databases to research problems, and talk with co-workers to research problem and find solution.

• Test software and hardware for troubleshooting and problem resolution.

• Provide service and preventive maintenance activities on element exchange/baseline products (products with element exchange service and traditional maintenance philosophies; i.e., terminals, printers, personal computers, etc.).

• Able to diagnose and detect correct equipment errors and repair products by replacing worn or broken parts, and making technical adjustments.

• Makes appropriate use of reference publications and diagnostic aids in resolving technical problems.

• Assist in coordination of changes, upgrades and new products, ensuring systems will operate correctly in current and future environment.

• Provide accurate and complete answers to general use and administrative environment questions in a timely manner.

• Support shared software, such as operating systems, configuration management tools, application and development tools, testing tools, compilers, and code editors.

• Track and route problems, requests, and document resolutions

• Communicate accurate and useful status updates.

• Installing and monitoring performance of the program after implementation

• Manage and report time spent on all work activities.

• Recreating steps taken by the user to locate the source of a program and rewriting the knowledge base.

• Follow quality standards

• Ability to work in a team environment

• Complete assigned tasks.

• Strong communication skills; both written and spoken.


In accordance with AR 25-2 applicant must be certified IT-Level I as outlined below:


252.239–7001 Information Assurance Contractor Training and Certification.


As prescribed in 239.7103(b), use the following clause:


1830 Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 7 / Thursday, January 10, 2008 / Rules and Regulations Information Assurance Contractor Training and Certification (JAN 2008)


(a) The Contractor shall ensure that personnel accessing information systems have the proper and current information assurance certification to perform information assurance functions in accordance with DoD 8570.01–M, Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program. The Contractor shall meet the applicable information assurance certification requirements, including—(1) DoD-approved information assurance workforce certifications appropriate for each category and level as listed in the current version of DoD 8570.01–M; and (2) Appropriate operating system certification for information assurance technical positions as required by DoD 8570.01–M.


(b) Upon request by the Government, the Contractor shall provide documentation supporting the information assurance certification status of personnel performing information assurance functions.


(c) Contractor personnel who do not have proper and current certifications shall be denied access to DoD information systems for the purpose of performing information assurance functions.


(End of clause)


IT–I requires the contractor to have a Certification in CompTIA Network+, CompTIA A+ or CompTIA Security Plus. The Contractor must also have Certification in a Computing Environment for this position it would be Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Windows 7 or etc.


All new hires appointed to IA positions must be certified (baseline and computing environment (CE) within 6 months of the date of hire or employment will be terminated.


Initiation of a National Agency Check with Local Agency and Credit Checks (NACLC) (for contractors), as appropriate or favorable review of SF85P and Supplemental Questionnaire.



Customer Interface

Required 2 Years


Desktop Support

Required 2 Years


Desktop Configuration

Required 2 Years


Peripheral Set-up and Troubleshooting

Required 2 Years


MS Office Suite

Required 3 Years


MS Outlook Configuration

Required 2 Years


Excellent Communication skills



CompTIA Certs



CE Cert