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DC Government
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17 Aug 2012
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Candidate will:
• Provide photography and videography services for the Connect.DC team to further its media outreach strategy
• Produce a documentary/digital journal/web series about efforts to promote digital inclusion in the District
• Develop multi-media campaigns to connect communities to new media technology, broadband, and public media
• Update content for the Connect.DC website and perform basic ongoing maintenance
• Create original content for mobile devices and convert existing PC-based content into mobile-friendly forms
• Perform regular reviews of the website to ensure content accuracy, timeliness, and relevance
• Test website accessibility and functionality from a variety of environments, including environments
• Ensure website content meets the needs of external clients
• Manage links and cross-promotions with other sites
• Assure web-based information is archived for future needs and reference
• Analyze and evaluate both existing and potential social media activities and strategies.
• Conduct, gather and analyze market research to determine social media opportunities and competitiveness.
In addition to his/her media management duties, the candidate will also:
•Collaborate with individuals and organizations in underserved Wards (including 5,7,8) to develop technical solutions
to bridging the digital divide. These include, but are not limited to the following: 1) providing access to high-speed
broadband Internet, 2) providing access to affordable computers, and 3) providing access to computer training
•Identify “digital gaps” in access and training and work to raise awareness of the District’s Digital Inclusion program.
•Solicit feedback from residents and community anchors about their experiences with Digital Inclusion programs.
•Proactively outreach to the stakeholders, such as community anchor institutions, District government agencies,
businesses, and residents
•Promote participation in the deployment of digital divide solutions (i.e., computer/Internet access and training)
The candidate will be periodically required to work in the evening and on the weekends to attend and coordinate
community events.
Requested Skill/Experience Required?
Amount of
Experience Expertise Rating
Experience converting existing PC-based content into mobile-friendly forms Required 4 Years 2 - Proficient
Experience creating web content for mobile devices Required 4 Years 2 - Proficient
Experience shooting and editing video Required 4 Years 2 - Proficient
Experience with MS Office Suite Required 4 Years 2 - Proficient
Experience working with traditional and social media Required 5 Years 2 - Proficient
In-depth knowledge of the neighborhoods going to be served (Wards 5,7,8) Required 2 Years 2 - Proficient
Knowledge of broadband,wireless technology, and the digital divide Required 4 Years 2 - Proficient
Market research, forecasting and analysis of social media trends Required 4 Years 3 - Expert
Experience creating a documentary Highly desired 2 Years 2 - Proficient