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6 months
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12 Jul 2018
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Job Description for Windows/IIS admin /.Net skills in Secaucus 
  • Should be flexible to work in shift environment 
  • Must have excellent communication and trouble shooting skills 
  • Experience in building new IIS farm on Window 2008 and migration of applications from IIS 6.0 to IIS 7.5 will be an advantage. 
Platform: IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.5
Start Date: Immediate
Location: Morrisville (NC) USA
Industry Experience: 5-8 years (with at least 3 yrs of experience in IIS 6/7.5 Administration)

IIS 6 & 7.5 Administration Fundamentals:
  • Web Administration Tools and Techniques
  • Working with IIS and .Net applications hosted on Internal Farms and DMZ Farms
  • Internet Information Services Snap-In Essentials
  • Managing IIS Services
Web Server Administration:
  • Configuring Web Sites and Servers
  • Web Site Naming and Identification
  • Managing Master Web Service Properties
  • Creating Web Sites
  • Managing Web Site Properties
  • Managing Directories
  • Managing Web Content
  • Redirecting Browser Requests
  • Running IIS Applications
  • Essentials for IIS Applications
  • Managing Custom IIS Applications
  • Managing Custom ISAPI Filters
  • Managing ASP.NET, Application Pools, and Work Processes
  • Managing ASP.NET
  • Working with Applications Pools
  • Configuring Worker Processes
  • Maintaining Application Health and Performance
  • Customizing Internet Information Services
  • Customizing Web Site Content and HTTP Headers
  • Customizing Web Server Error Messages
  • Using MIME and Configuring Custom File Types
  • Additional Customization for COTS products hosted on IIS
  • Managing Web Server Security
  • Managing Windows Security
  • Managing IIS Security
  • Enhancing Web Server Security
  • Managing Microsoft Certificate Services and SSL
  • Understanding SSL
  • Working with Microsoft Certificate Services
  • Creating and Installing Certificates
  • Working with SSL
  • Managing Site Certificates in the Internet Information Services Snap-In
Essential Services Administration:
  • Managing FTP Servers
  • Understanding FTP
  • Managing Master FTP Service Properties
  • Creating FTP sites
  • Managing FTP Sites
  • Managing FTP User Sessions
  • Managing FTP Server Security
  • Configuring and Maintaining SMTP
  • Using SMTP
  • Core SMTP Administration
  • Configuring Service Domains
  • Handling Incoming Connections
  • Handling Outgoing Connections
  • Managing Message Delivery
  • Administering the Indexing Service
  • Getting Started with the Indexing Service
  • Core Indexing Service Administration
  • Managing Catalogs
Performance, Optimization, and Maintenance:
  • Performance Tuning and Monitoring
  • Monitoring IIS Performance and Activity
  • Detecting and Resolving IIS Errors
  • Monitoring IIS Performance
  • Tuning Web Server Performance
  • Tracking User Access and Logging
  • Understanding Logging
  • Configuring Logging for HTTP, SMTP, and FTP
  • IIS Optimization and the Metabase
  • Strategies for Improving IIS Performance
  • Managing IIS Registry Settings
  • Managing IIS Metabase Settings
  • IIS Backup and Recovery
  • Experience in Performance, diagnostic and management tools for IIS (ie: debug diag, perfmon, fiddler etc)
  • Powershell and administrative scripting experience
Configuring and Load Balancing Web Farms:
  • IIS 7.5 and Web Farms
  • Content Configuration
  • Content Replication
  • Complete Redundancy
  • Load Balancing
  • Experience in working with Network team to get the load-balancing & Failover configurations within datacenter and across multiple datacenters.