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Weehawken, NJ
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Duration :
6 Months
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Posted :
05 Sep 2012
Job Seekers, Please send resumes to

Minimum Requirements:

Java....the technology listed below in the description is the technology they should know

Your candidates should get back the results of the test in 48 hours.  We will then have it reviewed by Henry.  Henry will then determine if we should proceed.

Remember that the one person we submitted they called in within 24 hours.



Here's the code problem that I would like the team to solve. This should take on average between 2 – 3 days


High Level Problem


·  Create a SOAP web service that takes in a single name field




·  Response should be



                Hello Robert



Technical constraints:


·  Leverage Apache CXF for the Web Services front end (Contract first with a WSDL)

·  Leverage Apache Camel for the mediation flow using Spring DSL

·  Leverage Spring DM (not blueprint) for configuration & dependency injection

·  Marshaling & unmarshalling using JAXB

·  The webservice should be a OSGi bundle

·  2 additional OSGi services that will provide the transformation functionality for name1 & name2. In separate OSGi bundles

o Name1: Reverses the value of the name

o Name2: Prepends Hello to the name

o The camel flow should perform a parallel call to the 2 OSGi services above and aggregate the response

o Minimize the amount of the java code

o Maven projects (there should be 3 projects)

o Use fusesource ESB (not ESB enterprise)

o There should be unit tests for the 2 OSGi services and for the camel flow

o Java 6