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We are still using Moxy 6.0, and thus the server it sits on is running Server 2005.  We’re hoping to hold off upgrading to Moxy 7.0 for at least another year, as this will involve buying a new server that runs Server 2008.  The server it’s on has realistically 2 years of life left.  I am sort of our firm’s internal IT guy, and we use a firm called Richard Fleischman Associates (RFA) as an outsourced IT provider.  They’re very good with networking issues but have no expertise with Advent or Moxy’s operating requirements.  Our current plan involves physically removing the Philadelphia Moxy server and its associated DC, moving them here to Boston, installing them in our rack, turning the KCMDC02 into a separate DC for this office (our current main server, Knottfile01, is acting as DC now but we understand Moxy is best served by a separate DC), and operating in the reverse of the way we do now – any Philadelphia Advent/Moxy user would then have to RDP to Boston.


Job Description:

1)      Thus,  the first order of business is to change the domain of the servers on which Axys and Moxy sit before we move them.  (Those are 2 Dell PowerEdge servers, called KCMDC02 and KCMMOXY1, a 1950 and a 2950 respectively I believe, to be specific).  RFA believes strongly (and I agree) that this domain migration needs to be tested in advance, because Advent and Moxy are so critical to our business.  One method they suggest is to replicate the Axys environment on a PC, and then mount that folder as a virtual drive, then re-point all the network settings to that drive, and see if the system functions.  However, I don’t know how we would test Moxy.  It’d be easy enough to change the domain of the server, but pretty much impossible to reverse that change.  Of course, we’d be changing the domain of the underlying DC at the same time when we make the actual migration).  Looking for advice on how to test that.

2)      Second, if testing works out, RFA will migrate all servers to the correct domain, at which point we will have to be prepared immediately to re-point both systems to the new domain.  The paths programmed into the network settings will remain the same, so at least for Advent, this should be easy.  Again Moxy is made of tougher stuff and we need advice on this point.

3)      Third, once both systems have been operating under the new domain for a week or so to be sure, I and one very experienced RFA tech will drive to Philly, remove the Moxy server and its domain controller, carefully put them in a car and drive them back to Boston, and install them in our rack here.  The next logical move would be to divorce the domain controlling functions from our main server (Knottfile01) and re-purpose KCMDC02 to that role.  That’s easy for RFA from a standard server point of view, but re-assembling all of the DC functions that Moxy requires will be the hard part.

4)      Finally, once the servers are engaged and communicating, we’d need to install all the Axys and Moxy software on user PCs and test to make sure we had full functionality.

As you can see we’re going to need critical assistance at certain junctures here, and the ability to work together with RFA.  Love to hear anyone’s thoughts/opinions; feel free to request any further info you need.  Once we’ve completed all the above, like I said, we’d like to coast for another year on the server we moved from Philly, but we’ll begin to make plans to upgrade to Moxy 7.0 or even the potential 8.0, which will necessitate buying a new Moxy server and domain controller.   But for safety and continuity’s sake, it’s best to use the current equipment and environment.  Both of these servers are and will remain under warranty for as long as they’re in use, and we always keep at least one unused compatible hard drive around for an emergency repair as they do tend to blow.