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Virginia Information Technology Agency
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6 Months
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Posted :
10 Oct 2012
Job Seekers, Please send resumes to

Short Description:

Install, Configure and provide knowledge transfer on system administration of iLog version 7.5 or above.

Consultant needed to sit on site at VITA and work with VITA team.  Chester, VA CESC facility is location.


Complete Description:

•             Aka WODM (WebSphere Operational Decision Management ) which includes WebSphere Decision Server & WebSphere Decision Center

•             Must have experience with Event Manager

•             Must have version 7.5 or above, no exceptions


•             Candidate should have recent install experience on the product(s) noted. When performing an install from scratch, most of the IBM WebSphere products will come with install scripts that have other apps bundled with the install.  The resource must be able to install and configure all products that come bundled with the main application.


•             The candidate will  be responsible for executing and documenting all of the information around the installation , configuration, and maintenance information. (See Technical Documentation Outline below)   


•             The candidates should be considered ‘experts’ in the application, i.e.: Ability to Install, configure, trouble-shoot and perform knowledge transfer to ‘teach’ a seasoned, senior level sys admin  how to install and act as sys admin for their respective product in the IBM WebSphere Suite.   We’re looking for the hands-on experience and info that you can’t get in the IBM documents or manuals.  It only comes from true experience.


•             Must be able to explain how the product works ‘behind the scenes’ and provide knowledge transfer on how to troubleshoot problems from a system admin perspective. 


•             Each hour worked will be worked side by side with the client resource, thus we need a confident resource with good customer service  and communication skills.


•             The intent is to have the resource walk a senior level sys admin through an install and configuration of the IBM product, and pass the knowledge along as we go.


•             We need experts who have done the installs themselves, and in some cases, the experience with the specific version is important.  (We need to know what versions of the produce they have installed themselves.)


•             They should have a network of resources available for them to reach out to if they get stuck on a problem during the install or config process.


•             Experience with installs on AIX OS is preferable, but we can make do with solid Unix experience.

•             If they have the experience in Linux, they have to have the experience on the version we are installing.

•             If they have the AIX, we may be able to go with one version off, depending on the product. (I’ll specify in the product list.)


•             Specific experience with dealing with setting up security certificates  and building a key store are highly desired.

•             Experience with setting up security around the application to meet SEC501 standards highly desired


•             Experience setting up WSRR security with their application (ex: WESB) is desired, but not required.


•             For all of the apps, we need the Technical experience, not the functional (especially with iLog and BPM)


•             The candidate needs to work well within a team with a truly cooperative spirit where everyone is vested in success



version 7.5 or above, no exceptions

Required 2 Years


Must have Event Manager

Required 2 Years


WODM (Websphere Operational Decision Management) which includes Websphere Decision Server & Websphere Decision Center

Required 2 Years



Question 1

What version did they install, when and on what OS?


Question 2

Have they supported the application in a Sys Admin role?


Question 3

Have they integrated their IBM app with other IBM WebSphere products? What other products, and version?


Question 4

Does the candidate have Unix and/or AIX install experience? What products has the candidate installed on Unix and/or AIX?