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State of Ohio
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6 Months
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25 Oct 2012
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Short Description:


The Technical Writer develops and maintains user and business process documentation for functional and program teams.


Complete Description:

Under the direction of the DMWM Assistant Chief and working with various DMWM Units:


Create internal user, external user, and business system administrator documentation for the Compliance, Licensing, and Registration line-of-business (LOBS) application; including user manuals, quick start documents, brochures, and other forms of technical documents as needed.


Create similar documentation fo other similar DMWM LOBS.


Create a catalog of DMWM business processes and LOBS.


Create MS Visio cross-functional flow charts to document DMWM business processes and LOBS.


Assemble, update or create, associated standard operating procedures, web links, and other resources; link the resources to the appropriate locations in the cross-functional flow charts.


Organize and populate the DMWM SharePoint site where the flow charts and documentation are to be stored and accessed.


Other related work as directed.



MS Office 2010, MS Visio 2010, SharePoint 2010, MS Outlook 2010

Required 4 Years


Ability to use setup a laptop and projector

Required 1 Years


Ability to create cross-function process flows and other process flow charts using MS Visio 2010

Required 4 Years


Ability to hyperlink documents and URLs to Visio Charts

Required 4 Years


Ability to effectively organize an MS SharePoint 2010 team site for collaborating and deploying process flow charts and SOPs

Required 2 Years


Ability to organize and collaborate effectively using an MS SharePoint site.

Required 4 Years


Ability to accurately type at least 50 WPM

Required 1 Years


Ability to interview subject matter experts, review and synthesize written documentation, to create process flows and narrative.

Required 4 Years


Strong oral communication skills, one-on-one, in small groups, and with large groups, with personell at all levels in an organization.

Required 4 Years




Question 1

Explain your experience with collaborative authoring and review of documents. Explain your level of expertise with the relevant tools. Please answer


Question 2

What are the elements in your documentation plan? Please answer


Question 3

Please provide examples of your writing - including a user manual, a cross-functional process flow chart, a quick start guide, and a standard operating procedure. Please answer