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6 Months
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26 Oct 2012
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Must Have:


-   Responsible for installing, updating, configuring, validating the SAS environment.

-   Ensure SAS environment is operating as expected

-   Ensure software is up to date as far as service packs and hot fixes

-   Provide feedback to management on how to improve processes

-   Elicit feedback from team on how to improve SAS environment

-   Have a working knowledge of the Base SAS language: Data Step, Procedures, SQL and SAS Macros

-   Know the SAS toolset(s) used in the organization, most commonly: SAS Display Manager and Enterprise Guide

-   Know the Setinit license cycle and be able to update the Setinit to avoid a lock out

-   Have an investigative mind to be able to troubleshoot issues as they arise

-   Strong knowledge of the operating system(s) that SAS is installed on, such as memory management, file system architecture, CPU utilization etc

-   Be adept in the use of the SAS support website ( and SAS documentation for installation setup and troubleshooting

-   Understand how to apply hot fixes, patches, service packs and do version upgrades

-   Be patient and customer focused

-   Have a working knowledge of relational databases being utilized

-   Understand the security models (both for SAS and the organization) involved in administering the SAS installation

-   Understand the SAS architecture at the site, e.g., PC only, client server, multi-tier, etc.

-   Have a basic understanding and appreciation for project management

-   Understand the backup and retention policy of the operating system and data

-   Have some experience in developing performance metrics and monitoring a system environment

-   Excellent communication both in the written and spoken word

-   Knowledge of Change Management procedures and version control for SAS code