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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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7 Months
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27 Oct 2012
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The Product Specialist is the expert for a technical development or execution environment product or set of products. Primary responsibility is to ensure availability and facilitate productive use of a product for Application Teams or end users. 

The contractor’s primary responsibilities will be to provide the highest level of senior technical support to the Enterprise Desktop Engineering Unit and all DPW offices. Provide direct support to the DPW end user including various BIS personnel responsible for a wide range of Complex applications developed in house and off the shelf software deployed to DPW users and Business partners. Provide Lead contact for Information Technology projects being deployed to any office or business partner associated by DPW. Trouble shoot Tier 3 help desk tickets and develop processes, procedures and documentation of Tier 3 Trouble Ticket fixes developed by the Enterprise Desktop Engineering unit.

This position is required to develop SCCM packages for Desktop\Laptop image deployment and ensure end user access to DPW applications and data base including CIS, eCIS, SQL-Express 2008, Docushare, ECM and any other data bases access required by DPW offices. This position will assist in working with state employee’s involved in information technology projects. Projects including support of remote access, BitLocker, SafeBoot, thin client, and virtual private network registration and client side configuration, creation and management of desktop and laptop images, EPO, McAfee Management on all DPW desktops\Laptops, account management including creating, deleting, and modifying accounts under a managed domain or mainframe. As well the position assist with development, implementation, and support of online manuals (OIM Manuals) and agency wide intranet sites (Virtual Helpdesk)

requiring skills in Windows Server 2003 and 2008 IIS, HTML, ASP, and scripting. 

The contactor should act as both a resource for knowledge and also a tool for implementation and completion of the various task and projects one is involved with to  further facilitate DPW in its task and daily operations. OBJECTIVES OF ENGAGEMENT To augment work performed by state staff in the Enterprise Desktop Management Unit and provide management level work in the development, deployment and documentation of highly technical complex Information technology solutions to Tier 3 Help Desk issues.  

TASKS TO BE PERFORMED: Specific tasks for the contractor are: 

1. Provide daily support to central and statewide DPW end users in the functional and technology areas (industry and CWOPA standards) including: operating systems, database, general networking, office products, and desktop, laptop and server environments.

2. Provide daily support for mission critical DPW custom products and applications such as Microsoft Office Suite application usage; Docushare access; Web based custom DPW applications; Checkpoint Connectra Client VPN software; Microsoft FrontPage/SharePoint,

EPO/McAfee distribution to all DPW desktops and Laptops

3. Provide daily support to DPW user systems 

4. Provide daily support for Windows 7/ XP Reimaging  

5. Provide daily support for Virtual Help Desk 

6. Provide daily liaison support between DPW technical support staff and DPW staff 

7. Provide daily support for Site Database security 

8. Provide daily support of intranet and web accessible materials. 

CONTRACTOR SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS The selected vendor shall provide a Consultant who will possess a minimum of:   

  • Eight (8) years’ of industry (IT) experience,
  • Five (5) years experience in Tier II, on-site technical support,
  • Five (5) years experience in supporting CWOPA customers with similar project requirements as DPW.  

Additionally, the consultant must demonstrate specific experience, support and background with the following application and product sets: Microsoft Office Suite application usage Checkpoint Connectra Client VPN software Windows 7 EPO McAfee Software Microsoft Active Directory Services BitLocker Encryption Post Load Scripting Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) Microsoft Power Shell Remedy SCCM VBS The vendor shall supply a consultant who does not require training and who has managed and supported the referenced technologies in the past. The consultant will have superior communication skills, both verbal and written. The consultant, and vendor, will be able to exchange information with all levels of DPW staff (management to end-user).  

Required /Desired 

Microsoft Active Directory Services

Required 3 Years

Checkpoint Connectra Client VPN Software 

Highly desired 1 Years

Epo McAfee Software & Management 

Highly desired 1 Years

Bitlocker Encryption

Highly desired 1 Years

Post Load Scripting

Highly desired 1 Years

Microsoft Deployment toolkit (MDT)

Highly desired 1 Years

Microsoft Power Shell

Nice to have 1 Years


Highly desired 3 Years

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 

Highly desired 3 Years

Visual Basic Scripting

Nice to have 1 Years