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NTT Data
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24 Months
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29 Oct 2012
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The position will start in Annapolis, MD for 6 months and then move to Jacksonville, FL for another 2+ years!


The CLIENT PTC Simulator is an AIM based application system that consists of hardware and software. This description highlights some of the technologies and skills required to develop and maintain the Simulator software side of the application. There are additional skills required to develop and maintain the hardware components of the Simulator, (which are not covered here in detail).


AIM is a very large and complex mature software application developed in a number of different technologies. It can take years of working with AIM to become productive. (The software lead and architect of the Simulator, has over 10 years of experience working directly on AIM related development projects. A challenging aspect of his/her job is to focus inexperience AIM developers on Simulator specific functionality and not the AIM platform base so that developers can be productive as soon as possible).


In addition to the pure development of the Simulator software, developers will need to know how to incorporate changes due to new and changed ICDs, PTC system functionalities (e.g. Track Limit CRC), debug system interfaces using tools such as Wireshark, interface software components with hardware (e.g. terminal servers, PLC), and have an in-depth understanding of Positive Train Control.


Below, are some of the major technologies used to development the software side of Simulator.


Programming Languages

·         C

·         C++

·         Java

·         TCL/TK

·         XML

·         Programmable Logic Control Ladder Logic

·         Animator®

Operating System

·         Windows 7

·         Linux RedHat/CentOS version 5.4 and  6.2


·         Oracle 11g

Software Development

·         Server side development

·         Multi-process

·         Inter-Process Communication

·         TCP/IP Socket development

·         Real Time Database (RTD) access

·         Data Communication

·         Interface Control Document message  development

·         RPM installer and packages

·         Client side Graphical User Interface (GUI) development

·         Java Application

·         Windows Application Installer

·         Very large software system development

Development Tools

·         StarTeam

·         NetBeans

·         Makefiles

·         Visual Studio 2008/2010

·         VMware virtual machine