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05 Nov 2012
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We would ideally like someone who has some experience with MVC4. The product is very new, so we would not expect much, but it has been in beta for a while and radically changes how MVC treats mobile. General mobile web site development experience would be strongly desired.


Experience with frameworks such as jQueryMobile would be ideal as this is what we’ve geared

towards with products such as the mobile C1 App and intend to use in our mobile website going forward. Beyond that, we are looking at a strong .NET developer with strong UI skills.


.NET4 experience is preferred but not required.

. Conversion of existing webforms-based pages to MVC

. Additional ASP.Net/MVC work to combine the discrete servicing and sales domains into a

single, unified site with mobile affinity

. Infrastructure development work involving the clean-up and optimization of integration points with our email communications partner ExactTarget