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6 Months
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07 Nov 2012
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Mandatory Expert (or highly skilled) Skill Level:

Jython and Ksh experience in deploying J2EE applications and automating maintenance processes in WebSphere using


Need to be able to:

•             Architect generic base Jython scripts to configure multiple different types of J2EE applications in WebSphere ND for zOS and Solaris.

•             Resolve deployment issues with shared resources, class loaders, global security and performance.

•             Document the generic Jython interfaces, and methods of interfacing with custom application scripts.


Needed Skills:

•             Understanding of DB2 9.5 type 4 JCC driver configurations with WebSphere.

•             Experience using Ant to auto build and package applications.

•             Understanding of Vertical and horizontal clustering with WLM on zOS.

•             Experience with WebSphere on zOS and Unix System Services.

•             WebSphere MQ and JMS configuration experience.


Preferred Skills  - with at least 2 years of experience needed:

Provide WebSphere support and mentor client  staff in the following areas:

•             Be able to align the client document management system (DMS) WebSphere application deployment, configuration and automation scripts with their properties file based CSI model, including: 1) reduce the amount of code in current WebSphere automation scripts, 2) move ‘hard-coed’ specifications to property file format in order that generic implementations to be reused across all deployments, 3) converge DMS WebSphere and deployment workflows into a common set of keywords and action commands (both ksh and Jython) that leverage supplied WebSphere script libraries where practical, 4) identify and implement common ground approaches to minimize the amount of platform-to-platform and environment differences that must be addressed when changes occur, 5) create procedure documentation that describes the WebSphere automation processes for DMS applications and outlines the steps needed to move forward with future WebSphere versions, and, 6) collaborate in arranging support for additional WebSphere components that become targets of WebSphere scripting and automation.

•             Resolve WebSphere deployment issues with shared resources, class loaders, global security, and performance

•             Provide on-site WebSphere assistance with complex multi-platform technical issue resolution in tight collaboration with other stakeholders.