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State of New Jersey
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6 Months
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19 Nov 2012
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NJJUD is looking for a very SENIOR Programmer/Architect with 10 years of J2EE experience and at least 2 years of Application Architecture experience. The sucessful candidate will have an understanding of the front end, the backend and everything in between in order to constuct a solid and easily maintainable application.


The application to be developed will be on that helps the Courts and OAG to track information about those who have been sentenced (ie name of jail, sentencing information, etc).



Years of Relevant Experience: 7 to 10 years

Preferred Education: 4 year college degree or equivalent technical study.

Role Description: All roles specified plus the following:

Deliver support and design for industry specific applications that require integration with statewide systems or applications.

Interact with executive level business users or technical experts.

May function as a niche SME.


The Product Specialist is the expert for a technical development or execution environment product or set of products. The primary responsibility of a Product Specialist is to ensure the availability and facilitate the productive use of a product for Application Teams or end users.  The Product Specialist may own part of a product, all of one, or several products depending on the nature of the product(s) and their use. The Product Specialist requires significant to expert experience and skills in the product supported.  The Product Specialist will usually also have significant experience in the operating environment(s) (e.g., HP/UX, NT, MVS, etc.) on which the product is implemented.  If the product is one that was internally developed, the supporting PS should also have most of the skills of a Programmer. The Product Specialist is responsible for collaborating with Technical Architecture Specialist, System Specialists, Programmers and vendors to ensure and enhance the use of the product and effect migration to new versions of a product.




Required 10 Years



Required 5 Years



Required 5 Years



Required 5 Years



Required 5 Years


RSA ver 7.0 or higher

Required 5 Years


Good Communication skills



JEEE Architecture Experience

Required 2 Years


Question 1

Please list projects where candidate has been the application architect.