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State Of Montana
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3 Years
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04 Dec 2012
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Contractor employee will perform tasks on an as-needed basis, such as:

§  Based on knowledge of Banner and the ODS/EDW, design Oracle and Cognos extensions of SunGard’s baseline reporting solution and guide the development of those extensions to meet reporting requirements.

§  Write specifications for the development of Oracle tables/views, functions, stored procedures, Cognos Framework Manager project and package extensions to meet reporting requirements of functional users.

§  Assist functional users in clarifying reporting requirements

§  Assist functional users in defining “events” for EDW time dimension

§  Train and mentor Cognos Report Studio report developers

§  Train and mentor technical staff in extending the baseline Banner ODS and EDW

§  Train and mentor ODS Administrator in the development of schedules, definition of table “rules”, creation of events for EDW, and extension of the ODS/EDW Metadata repositories to include custom tables/views

§  Lead design and guide development of custom data loads and integrations into ODS/EDW

§  Provide technical expertise on integrating historical data from SIS legacy data warehouse into the Banner ODS database

Contractor Employee Qualifications

§  Contractor employee must have participated on at least 3 previous ODS/EDW implementations

§  Contractor employee must have a minimum of 6 years of experience in Banner report delivery systems with at least 3 years in leading Cognos development teams

§  Contractor employee must have experience with ODW/EDW version 8.3.

§  Contractor employee must have experience with Cognos version 8.4.2 and have been exposed to Cognos version 10x.

§  Contractor employee must have previously mentored and trained Banner ODS report development teams

§  Contractor employee must have previously participated in creating reporting standards and processes

§  Contractor employee must be proficient in SQL, PL/SQL, Cognos Report Studio, Cognos Analysis Studio and have familiarity with Cognos Framework Manager.

§  Contractor employee must have thorough knowledge of Banner Student data and the ODS/EDW metadata.

§  Contractor employee must be experienced in designing and implementing data delivery solutions throughout the data processing cycle from Banner through Streams to the ODS staging area, through Oracle Warehouse Builder to the ODS reporting area and the EDW star schemas, and to Cognos packages and cubes. 

§  Contractor employee must provide three (3) references for previous ODS/EDW implementations with Cognos business intelligence tools.  At least one reference must be with Banner version 8x.

§  Knowledge of security controls and demonstrated experience applying security best-practices throughout the development lifecycle.