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26 Sep 2019
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Detailed Job Description: 

  • Oversee IV-D Data Conversion
  • Work with the Implementation team to facilitate smooth and timely data migrations;
  • Use creative techniques to compare data with conflicting data types and resolve issues;
  • Collaborate with the Quality Assurance team to verify correct conversion completion and   Effectively communicate with Project Managers.
  • Collaborate with the Development team to ensure vast quantities of data can be moved into the system without effecting performance;  
  • Oversee analysis of databases with the goal of producing the initial Data Mapping /Table Mapping for the ETL Extract process
  • Evaluate code/scripts to Load the data into the target database;
  • Help to implement tools, scripts, queries or applications for accessing and analyzing data and migrating data
  • Understand technical specifications for ETL processes or components; He/she needs to be able develop/evaluate production migration steps and documentation;
  • Perform unit and system integration testing and performance test.
  • Document step-by-step guides of the entire process from running reports, to combining and tweaking data, to importing via the tool,
  • Provide accurate conversion timelines;
  • Evaluate conversion manuals 



The minimum qualification required for the performance of the above specialty occupation duties is a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science or foreign equivalent or closely related field with relevant experience.