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6 Months
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07 Feb 2013
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Data Analyst Data Admin or Metadata Admin PostgreSQL on EC2

Minimum Requirements:


•   At least 5 years’ experience in the following:

◦       Data Analyst, specially translation of business requirements into data requirements

◦       Data Administrator or Metadata Administrator

◦       Data Modeling for Online Transaction Applications,  Operational Data Stores, Data Warehouse and Online Analytic Processing (OLAP)

◦       Data Stewardship and Governance

◦       SQL and relational databases, especially PostgreSQL

◦       Database administration for PostgreSQL on EC2

◦       ETL application administration

◦       OLAP application administration


Position Objective:


This position provides oversight of all data assets within IWS.  This includes data models, data files, data file specifications, schemas, data interface specifications, data maps used to translate data from one system to another.  The centralization and maintenance of the metadata underlying these assets would be a critical part of the role.   This position would engage the different projects to provide assistance with data modeling, nomenclature of the data elements, enforcement of data standards, and to guide data governance.  This position would assist with Database Administration functions as delegated by the primary Database Administrator.


Job Requirements:

Create and maintain documentation of data assets

Manage metadata assets (catalog or repository)

Manage data asset registry or repositories

Create and maintain of data models and model management

Enforce data naming standard (data models, databases, namespaces, XML schemas)

Enforcing standards for data interfaces, including use of industry standards where available e.g., HIPAA, HL7, X.12, DICOM,

Enforce standards for code management and the population of the reference tables in the database to support applications development and analysis

Ensure consistent sourcing of external reference data e.g., Medical codes, etc.

Manage the data rules applied to the integration of data from multiple sources and the construction of Master data identifiers e.g., Member master, Provider masters, Person Master, etc.

Manage data warehousing processes from data acquisition, data staging, load processes, transformation atomic data structures into dimensional data structures for OLAP processing

Advice on the logical architecture of data assets working with IWS Technical Architect and Infrastructure group

Advice applications developers on data requirements

Assist the design of data interfaces

Provide assistance as needed to user to find and use data, as needed

Participate in the review of code and give advice on the location of logic (application versus database layer)

Conduct periodic data quality audits and data profiling, as needed

Participate in data security audits



•   Must be customer focused and able to work in a collaborative environment

•   Must be capable of working in a fast-moving and agile environment

•   Must understand the importance of building right-sized technology solutions

•   Must be able to align technology with the organizational goals and objectives

•   Must be able to work with business analysts to discuss and learn requirements

•   Must have strong communication skills

•   Must be self-motivated and proactive

•   Must have strong time management, prioritization and scheduling skills

Must be able to foresee