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DC Government
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6 Months
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Posted :
18 Feb 2013
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Complete Description:

Working within the MPD IT department. Candidate should have a working knowledge of 802.11a/b/g/n wireless networks design/engineering and be able to administer wireless servers and resolve client connectivity, interference, authentication, and coverage issues. Must have a working knowledge of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) equipment capabilities and functionality.  Able to develop, review statement of work (SOW) and standard operation procedures (SOP) relating to CCTV networks in compliance with all District Government rules and regulations.  Able to coordinate with clients (site personnel), vendors to accomplish site walk downs and reviews of project plans, schematics etc. Must have a senior level knowledge of network security management software and systems. The role will incorporate aspects of preventive maintenance service, fault finding, commissioning and project planned implementation. Applicant should have a strong, proven background in enterprise-level CCTV systems and design. Working knowledge of Access Control and other integrated security systems would also be advantageous.


Participates in the day-to-day operations and maintenance of Wireless networks and Video Management Systems including hardware/software support and training. Applicant must be able to plan, design, configure and implement data connectivity over local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) systems. Assists in maintaining the network and system documentation including hardware/software configurations, support logs and other related technical information. Participates in research of network hardware and software for expanding reliable wireless networks. Must have the ability to diagnose, identify, track and effectively troubleshoot wireless network and Video management Systems issues. 


 Physical requirements include working outdoors in all seasonal weather conditions.  Must have the physical capabilities to effortlessly climb free standing ladders or ladders attached to structures. Additionally, applicant must be able to negotiate obstacle laden uneven  surfaces found around  area structures, including crawling, stooping, carrying, pushing or pulling a minimum of 50 pounds of equipment etc. Able to comfortably walk, kneel, sit and perform technical operations at high elevations, (roof tops 10 floors or higher) and perform functions in inclement weather. Able to safely operate controls of a bucket attached to a bucket truck.


Background check and fingerprinting is a must and security clearance is highly desired. Operate and work out of a bucket truck.


Behavior Characteristics:

Candidate should be adaptable, articulate, accountable, team player, self-directed, focused, knowledgable, experienced, able to prioritize, able to manage time and able to orchestrate multiple tasks simultaneously.



Support 802.11 infrastructure incl Cisco access point

Required 4 Years 3 - Expert


Engineer solutions to integrate wireless LAN coverage into new sites

Required 8 Years 3 - Expert


Work with outside vendors & cust internal org for wireless site surveys

Required 4 Years 3 - Expert


Evaluate new wireless client devices to determine best wireless settings

Required 4 Years 2 - Proficient


Resolve client connectivity, interference, authentication, & coverage issue

Required 4 Years 3 - Expert


Convert existing LANs from flat layer-2 networks to layer-3 multi-switched

Required 4 Years 3 - Expert


Advanced 802.11a/b/g/n network design advanced LAN design

Required 4 Years 3 - Expert


Implementing and supporting Cisco switches

Required 4 Years 3 - Expert


Knowledge of wireless encryption and authentication methods

Required 4 Years 2 - Proficient


Surveying and deploying wireless networks

Required 4 Years 3 - Expert


Ability to understand concepts and theory involved in architect solutions

Highly desired 4 Years 2 - Proficient


Able to identify root causes for complex technical problems

Required 4 Years 2 - Proficient


Ability to provide technical recommendations and advice on technical issues

Required 8 Years 2 - Proficient


Ability to write detailed, complex documents for tech & non-tech audiences

Required 4 Years 2 - Proficient


Knowledge of video streaming/compression, camera and video systems

Required 4 Years 3 - Expert


Experienced with license plate reader technologies

Required 2 Years 2 - Proficient


Commercial driver's license

Highly desired 1 - Basic


Actively involved in CCTV and wireless network design

Required 5 Years 3 - Expert


Administering the GENETEC Video Management System

Required 5 Years 3 – Expert


Question 1

Candidate must be able to supply a copy of a driver's record with no pointable moving violation over the last 3 years.


Question 2

A driving certification (no cost) will be required before candidate can use a DC vehicle. There are no reimbursable expenses.


Question 3

Candidate must pass an MPD fingerprint background check (in addition to the standard background check) before engagement. Please confirm that the candidate has never been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony charge.


Question 4

If the candidate is a strong candidate, they may be fingerprinted after the interview. This does not guarantee an engagement. Please acknowledge.