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DC Government
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12 Months
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18 Feb 2013
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Short Description:

The Senior NMS Consultant will be responsible for the development, design, planning, integration and deployment of new monitoring systems, applications and policies for the Network architecture.


Complete Description:

Within the Network Operations Center, OCTO provides network monitoring and management services to every District Agency that is connected to the Network. OCTO combines powerful management tools such as HP OpenView, Network Node Manager (NNMi/OMU), Solarwinds, Spectrum, Cisco Transport Manager (CTM), Cisco ACS, HP Openview Operations (OVO), Ca eHealth, Ca Spectrum, Remedy, HP SiteScope, HP Siteseer and integrated applications with proven methodologies and processes to deliver high-quality services designed to increase network availability and optimize performance across the Network. These systems are built on the Sun Microsystems/Oracle platforms 280R, V120 and V440 servers. All of the systems and applications run Sun Solaris 8, 9, 10 and Enterprise Linux 5, 6 and Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008 in both physical and virtual environment. These systems and applications are to be integrated and developed on a daily basis by the Senior NMS Consultant. Additionally, UNIX shell, PERL and SQL scripts and automated tasks need to be written for these applications in order to perform various tasks and integrate databases. The Senior NMS Consultant is responsible for the creation and integration of these scripts and executing SQL statements.


In addition, responsibilities of the Senior Management System (NMS) Consultant will also be to architect new technologies into the current Network Management Systems Framework to monitor and manage other critical Infrastructure Services. These systems and applications are to be integrated and developed on an ongoing basis by the NMS Consultant.


In order to proactively support, monitor, and manage the entire NETWORK, the District requires a skilled NMS Consultant to augment current District staff. This technical resource plays a key role in ensuring and maintaining smooth operations within the Network Operations Center. As the NETWORK grows and many of its systems, such as Internet, e-mail and mission critical applications, 24x7 access is required and is extremely critical that these systems are supported and maintained.


Specific tasks will vary, however, this document is meant to serve as a summary or introduction to the known duties that must be handled.


Under general supervision this position will provide the following:


• Recommend, architect and develop strategies to upgrade and build new applications and service management solutions based on emerging technologies.

• Perform development, implementation, and support activities on Unix, Linux and Windows systems in both physical and virtual environments.

• Assist with the building of new network management infrastructure and applications.

• Develop solutions for managing network devices.

• Provide technical support on new NMS servers and applications.

• Perform diagnostic tests, note symptoms, gathers relevant problem/malfunction facts and data from users.

• Prepare documentation for the proper placement and sizing of NMS server equipment.

• Assist with the creation and maintenance of NMS hardware and software inventory.

• Assist with upgrades and installation of systems and applications on request; find ways to automate recurring tasks.

• Recommend policies on system and application use and services.

• Design, development, deployment, problem identification, remediation and assist with the on-going support of a network of Unix, Linux and Windows servers.

• This position will work as a member of a network operations team that manages, monitors and supports the NETWORK.


This position will report to the NOC Manager for assignment of duties and tasks.


Since this position requires a wide range of technical skills relating to the WAN, Email, DNS, Database and Internet/cloud systems, this is not a junior-level position. Anything less than a fully qualified NMS Senior Consultant will result in a delay to the infrastructure and application migration projects as required by the NOC.


The Senior NMS consultant will also interface with vendors for product demonstrations and testing.


This is not an OJT position.



Provide technical support regarding NMS server and application operations

Required 12 Years 3 - Expert


Perform development, implementation and support activities on Unix/Windows

Required 10 Years 3 - Expert


Perform diagnostic tests, note symptoms, gathers relevant information

Required 7 Years 3 - Expert


Assist in the creation and maintenance of NMS H/W and S/W

Required 10 Years 3 - Expert


Design, develop, deploy, and problem identification

Required 7 Years 3 - Expert


Understanding of ESX / VMWare and Securing a Virtual infrastructure

Highly desired 2 Years 2 - Proficient


Experience implementing Cisco ACS for AAA

Required 7 Years 3 - Expert


Professional Certifications CCNA

Nice to have 3 Years 3 - Expert


Assist with the support and maintenance of NMS infrastructure

Required 12 Years 3 - Expert


Develop solutions for managing network devices Must have OpenView programing and development skill.

Required 10 Years 3 - Expert


Recommend policies on system and application use and services

Desired 7 Years 3 - Expert


Support of a network of Sun Microsystems and Microsoft Windows servers

Required 5 Years 3 – Expert


Question 1

Must be able to lift at least 40lbs. (The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.) Please acknowledge


Question 2

May be required to work after hours and/or on holidays. Please acknowledge


Question 3

Must carry smart phones at all times; user provided. There are no reimbursable expenses. Please acknowledge.


Question 4

Must have their own laptop to perform daily functions (i.e. email, Office suite, Visio diagrams, security and network management applications and tools). There are no reimbursable expenses. Please acknowledge.


Question 5

Must have a valid state issued Drivers License and be able to drive in Washington, DC. Please acknowledge.