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DC Government
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12 Months
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12 Mar 2013
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Complete Description:


This DDOE Project seeks to link together the data from 17 different “databases” into a system that can initially provide (1) DDOE Management and the District Council with real time reports of the status of our investigations, compliance actions and enforcement cases (“ICE”) for all data,.(2) members of the public/others with non-confidential information regarding concluded enforcement actions and investigations and (3) provide varying levels of access for other data depending on the individual.  (This is “the Project” or “the ICE Project”.)


The project seeks to provide integration of the present and anticipated DDOE ICE Systems databases to a common interface that will allow one-time data entry and report generation, even if data are actually stored in different program formats. Additional hardware, particularly, storage and processing capacity, may be required. 


The interface and access should be through web-based systems, whether the DDOE intranet or the agency’s public internet website.  While initially the system might be accessible only over wires or through existing wifi clients, ultimately field staff should be able to use a wireless account.  The system should be made ready for future access through smartphone apps.


This project requires a strong background in SQL Server, Quickbase and the use of MS Suite migration tools for Access, Excel and good XML experience.


After concluding the assessment for the requirements, the Architect will be responsible for the implementation, installation, testing, training and documentation of the “ICE Project”.


Data Warehouse

•             Implement multiple methods of data extraction.

•             Write Packages, Procedures and Functions for data transformations.

•             High level of expertise in parallel operations and parallel executions.

•             Maintenance and support of Materialized views.

•             Support for data profiling, meta data analysis, data modeling and relational schema.

•             Backup & recovery

•             Create data models, develop Data Warehouses and relational databases (MS SQL Server)


1. Development of a relational database, to encompass all the UST Branch needs, e.g. registration, enforcement, LUST records and all types of inspections and reporting. All existing and new UST, LUST and SOC data and reporting fields should be maintained and consolidated into one new database. Historical inspection results and database entries shall be imported in to the new system.

2. Transfer of forms, reports, directives, etc. from paper to electronic and vice versa, for all of the inspections and activities e.g. Site Directives/Corrective Actions, NOVs, etc.

3. Ability to store and associate photographs, correspondence, drawings/diagrams, PDF files, .doc files, and other case specific documents with a case record within the database

4. Calculation of SOC compliance metrics in EPA Reporting formation, translating answers in the various reporting checklist to compliance total and percentages..

5. PDF functionality is necessary, to allow storage of relevant documents in the soft and hard formats being directly accessible from the database.

6. Ability to query information contained within database(s).  Queries shall displayed geospatially i.e. find all opened federally Regulated LUST Cases in DC 2010-2012.

7. Ability for tank owners and operators to pay DDOE annual registration fee online, accepting credit cards, veri-sign or pay-pal.

8. Allow inspectors through web link on their mobile apps, tough books and VPN connection to access the system offsite, in the field or at home to make relevant edits.

9. Maintain reporting fields, queries and EPA reporting requirements, matrices/calculations, etc. Should allow for printing automatic EPA reports, SOC Reports compliance metrics, LUST closed cases, confirmed releases, notification forms, etc.

10. Automatically print UST registration certificates and UST technicians and contractors approval certificates.

11. Merge with FOIA and Records Management Databases, including unknown tanks and Fire Department UST Records on the existence and location or certain records.

12. Provide graphical display of data to show graphs, charts, etc. on trends or other comparative statistical analysis across ward or inspectors, regulator, etc.

13. Integration of topic specific interactive help system into the application


Behavior Characteristics:

Works well as a team and independently.



Skill        Required / Desired          Amount               of Experience    Expertise Rating

SQL Server Database Management Experience 

Required             8              Years     3 - Expert

Experience with building and maintaining databases      

Required             5              Years     3 - Expert

Experience with data migrations              

Required             5              Years     2 - Proficient

Experience with Quickbase        

Required             5              Years     2 - Proficient

Experience with GIS Integration               

Required             5              Years     2 - Proficient