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Internal Postings
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Dimondale, MI
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6 Months
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06 Apr 2021
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Detailed Job Description:

  • This position is responsible for initiating Incidents for clients Critical Business Functions. 
  • Manages Medium, High, and Critical Incidents, including triage and assessment of impacted systems. 
  • Escalates Incidents to tier II for Major Incident investigation.
  • Notifies and escalates to support teams using Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 12.
  • Sends Communications Matrix Notifications using SOP12-2 for High and Critical Incidents. 
  • Monitors server and network system monitoring tools and responds appropriately to alarms. 
  • Monitor the environmental equipment (Generators, UPS, PDU, Air Conditioning and buildings water supply) to ensure their proper operation. 
  • Complete documentation of how the problem/issue was uncovered, who it affected, and the steps taken up to and including the final solution. 
  • Monitor the security equipment and situations to ensure their proper operations and report all issues/irregularities to the proper organizations/persons.  
  • Track and monitor security concerns.
  • Complete documentation of how the issue/irregularity was uncovered, who it affected, and the steps taken up to and including the final solution. 
  • Monitors system resources (e.g. processor, memory and input/output) to ensure that Service Level Agreement performance criteria are met and that system resources are not being over-utilized by one customer. 
  • Opens trouble tickets and assign to the appropriate support group. 
  • Grants physical access to hosting centers both locally and remotely. 
  • Administers established security policy for physical access to the (2) Hosting Centers. 
  • Executes programs and jobs on the mainframe computers utilizing an operator display terminal. 
  • Controls production utilizing Automated Scheduling Systems to ensure that jobs are completed in the time required by the customers. 
  • Responsible for tape library functions including pulling and hanging tapes for production, test batch processing, managing off-site storage and logging user input tapes as needed. 
  • Prepares and submits status reports detailing system operations.
  • Reads, comprehends, and complies with email messages in timely basis. 
  • Uses communications tools appropriately to receive and disburse information. 
  • Answers and makes phone calls as necessary.
  • Communicates statuses using tools such as trouble tickets, status boards, broadcast messages and status reports. 
  • Reviews the Change Management Forward Schedule of Change and updates Requests for Changes (RFC’s) as needed, when requested by the change builders

Experience required: 4 Years