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State of New Jersey
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trenton, NJ
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6 Months
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6 years ago
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Short Description:

The Data Entry Operator will oversee and troubleshoot data entry operation and work with technical teams to identify improvements in the existing process and system.


Complete Description:

This role requires a support person who has worked with Data Entry Teams or has been a team technical lead in the past.  While it is not a pure technical role, it is a balance between problem solving and technology.


Years of Relevant Experience: 3 years


Preferred Education Associates Degree or equivalent


Role Description:

Testing data entry system and peparation of training material, training data entry personnel, creating data entry revisions, report generation, troubleshooting, recommendations and finalization of upcoming web-based system and transition from existing client server application.

Comprehensive PC skills

Able to follow written and spoken instructions

Minimum of 25 wpm

Ability to accurately enter information into a computer, accessing information from a computer, and verifying information on a screen.

Duties involve utilizing automated equipment, including electronic keyboard, display screen, and sorted memory to perform

Ability to operate and understand basic scanning and imaging equipment, including pan, skew, and image correction techniques.

Ability to conduct basic data mining and data capture efforts

Services may be required to be provided at supplier’s site using supplier’s equipment. Typically need an end product of electronic data, typically transmitted through FTP.

Keypunch and verify records in specified format (ex. ASCII)

The total number of keystrokes is limited to actual characters, numbers and special characters that are keyed. Spaces, function keys, nulls, and zeros are not counted as keystrokes.

The contractor must complete all data forms within an agreed-upon amount of time from receipt or average a minimum of a set number of strokes each week data forms are in possession.

Error rate cannot exceed 1/2%. Error rate is calculated on a character (not field or record) basis.

Pickup and delivery by contractor to be made on a weekly basis.

For key entry, required that a second individual completed 100% key verification to control errors.

Knowledge of imaging and visual display operating practices, procedures, and techniques.

Knowledge of arithmetic and numbering systems.

Ability to operate equipment with speed and accuracy to ensure information is captured.




Required / Desired


of Experience


Prior support and troubleshooting as a senior Data Entry or support person




Prior experience with advanced functions in MSWord and Excel 2007 and above




Prior experience functioning as a problem solver involving new systems implementations (from user perspective)




Hands on experience with Windows 7




Experience in training material and customer service documentation




Prior experience with MS-Access

Highly desired



Strong phone support and verbal communication skills







Please list roles where candidate has been involved with troubleshooting new and old data entry applications.


Please list the team size where this candidate has managed or led teams in the past.