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6 Months
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25 Mar 2013
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Short Description:

The Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) is responsible for the design, pilot, and implementation of the software quality assurance review processes.


Complete Description:


The Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) is responsible for the design, pilot, and implementation of the software quality assurance review processes and UAT Testing. The QAS Specialist will work with Application Teams during pre and post assessment periods.


The QAS Specialist reports to the Project Management Team. For each testing phase end review the Quality Assurance Specialist is responsible to plan, schedule, execute, and document findings of the review.  Quality Assurance Specialists must have a detailed understanding of processes which support the software development lifecycle. The Quality Assurance Lead is responsible for communicating with the State regarding the progress of the quality approach and a summary of the metrics, as well as managing the Quality Assurance Specialists.



Years of Relevant Experience: 7 plus years software development, testing and project management

Preferred Education: 4 year college degree or equivalent technical study.


Fundamentally, the test manager is responsible for (in collaboration with Deloitte, WRMA, PMO and business leads):


All roles specified plus the following:

•Compare actual project procedures to the specified standards, procedures, and, if required, specific 3rd party contractual requirements.

•Perform or manage the required software quality Testing phase end reviews of work product and process for each software project and produce the required software quality reports, as specified in the project's software quality plan.

•Develop, and manage short and long-term plans and schedules for organization wide software testing needs.

•Balance workload with team’s capacity by managing the team’s activities according to overall project plan

•Obtain feedback from project teams regarding the overall effectiveness of processes and procedures – Forward to appropriate stakeholders and process owners. .

•Report all software quality-revealed non-compliance.

•Provide regular reports on the results of compliance reviews to the project team, project team leaders and management.  Report on progress on action item resolution and possible risk areas.

•Anticipate and resolve issues dealing with software quality.

•Develop options and recommendations to assist teams in resolving issues.

•Ensure action items are addressed and closed based on agreed dates and activities.

•Ensure that defined processes are followed.

•Communicate and work with customers and other personnel as necessary.

•Communicate clearly the team goals, organizational philosophies, and policies and procedures to the team.

•Communicate to testing team members the relationship between their work assignments and the team and project objectives.

•Lead efforts in developing and facilitating implementation of testing team goals and metrics.


•          Test plan development and review

•          Test script development

•          Test execution scheduling (for those tests done by dscyf)

•          Test execution review

•          Test execution problem resolution (including developing the staged action plan for test issue/defects)

•          Review of both Deloitte- developed test scripts and the Deloitte and DSCYF- conducted tests.


•          Based on DD & I Proposal and accepted Methodology Author, with collaborative buy-in from all parties, a practical methodology for testing.

•          Review and evaluate, existing Quality Assurance/testing code, processes and contributors as presented from DD & I Vendor.

o          Unit Test plan

o          Systems test plan

o          Integration test plan

o          User Test Plan

o          Disaster recovery

o          Reporting, backup

o          Module migration development to production

•          Ensure that testing plans presented by DD & I vendor form into a consolidated suite of documented tests.

•          Correlate areas of focus, and prioritize testing methodologies based on prior areas of concern, and areas of current/future development focus.

•          Chair

•          Champion published, and revises plans in partnership with all Division Leads, Functional Lead and team members, testing team, and tech lead and team members as necessary.

•          Work with the Division leads to identify and define testing scenarios and anticipated results

•          Manage a per-release Testing plan

•          Ensure that test plans developed by DD & I vendor, have clearly define deliverables and timelines, and that these are able to be met.

•          Monitor testing progress against plans provided by the DD & I Vendor, against actual progress and report to PMO team

•          Develop response strategies and processes for high-criticality and security vulnerability related bug notifications. Pro-actively report suspected security holes and attack vectors to Technical Lead and team for investigation within both the existing and newly-developed system.

•          Review historical, existing and ongoing bug reports to identify areas needing specific attention. Conduct review and prioritization meetings with Division Leads

•          Liaison with Division Leads and individual software development Manager to ensure delivery of a high-quality product is compatible with release timeline targets.

•          Put together a plan for future testing, including areas for development, hardware/lab requirements, and staffing requirements, to obtain specific results.

•          Work with the divisional leads and the DD & I Integrated case manager, and DSCYF Division Leads and SME’s  in the development of test scripts and the management of the testing process





Required / Desired


of Experience


Prior experience managing a large systems testing environment




Prior experience directing Test Script development and management




Prior experience managing outside vendors for development while maintaining QA internally




Prior experience with Child Welfare case management systems

Highly desired



Basic understanding of Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and Youth Mental Health

Not Required




Where has the candidate worked with large scale, enterprise wide systems in a QA/Test manager role?


Where has the candidate worked with Child Welfare systems in a technical role?