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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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Harrisburg, PA
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02 Apr 2012
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The Telecom Engineer configures & installs hardware, wiring & specialized equipment according to local building & electrical codes.  The Telecom Engineer may also be responsible for the end-to-end installation of cable, wiring & related equipment.

The Department of Health seeks a skilled resource to provide telecommunications support to Department staff.  The main duties will include:


1.  Coordinating all land line installations maintenance and troubleshooting

2.  Using Remedy and familiarity with ISS

3.  Managing telephone Key systems (NEC, Toshiba etc…)

4.  Coordinating with vendors such as Blackbox, Verizon ET&T, AT&T

5.  Managing 800 number services using ATT, Verizon

6.  Ordering Blackberries, air cards, cell phones using ISS

7.  Training users on the use of equipment such as blackberry and air cards

8.  Cross connecting telephones in the local Health offices

9.  Backing up Wireless 8ooMhz radio system


The detailed duties include, but are not limitied to:


Maintaining technical knowledge of telecommunications systems, services and equipment, providing technical expertise, advise and consulting services on telecommunications matters.


Preparing or reviewing policy recommendations and changes, documents procedures, standards and guidelines for the operation and modernization of telecommunications systems. 

Designing, configuring and maintaining systems, services and equipment for state-wide telecommunications network, Contracts for support services as necessary. 

Utilizing monitoring systems, test equipment and various troubleshooting techniques to identify, test, analyze and resolve outages and issues. 

Responding to reported issues and work with customers and others as necessary to resolve telecommunications network problems.  Utilizing the Remedy System and other processes / systems as required to obtain, log and manage problem ticket information.  Refering issues to the appropriate maintenance activity as necessary to resolve problems. 


Conducting surveys and cost analysis studies of the telecommunications network and related activities to evaluate the cost effectiveness and the adequacy of systems and equipment.

Preparing estimates of conditions related to telecommunications systems and predicts performance and adequacy of the systems.

Reviewing for acceptability new or expanded telecommunications systems applications, studies, design concepts, work statements, specifications, recommendations, plans and drawings, cost quotes, letters of intent, contracts, and other related documents and items.

Serving as project manager for the implementation of new services, systems, upgrades, relocations and other activities.  Utilizing the ATSR System, Project Management Methodology and other processes / systems as required to plan and manage project.

Developing plans and project documents for the development, implementation, operation and expansion of the telecommunication network.

Researching potential solutions to meet project requirements.  Conducting on-site visits to evaluate telecommunications conditions to include existing services, equipment, floor plans, electrical, HVAC and other related items.


Identifying specific requirements and evaluates the need for equipment and services.  Providing recommendations, cost analysis, wavers and other requirements for the implementation of equipment and services.


Evaluating and recommending telecommunications service providers and vendors.  Developing design criteria and specifications for the purchase of equipment and services.  Preparing and submiting purchasing requests and work orders as necessary for time, material and other services.

Instructing vendors, service providers and others on project requirements.  Coordinating activities and conducts and/or participates in meetings and conferences between vendors, service providers, customers, lessors and others to discuss project activities.  Preparing meeting minutes as necessary.

Monitoring contractor performance during installation.  Reviewing, testing and inspecting all services, equipment and work performed after new or modified communications systems have been installed in order to verify the completeness, quality and delivery of all time, material and services provided. 


Working with various automated billing and inventory structures to complete invoice processing, inventory and accounting.  Maintaining line inventory, site address information, user contacts and other information associated with installed services.  Resolving discrepancies as they are found.

Performing inventory and maintains records associated with the acquisition, exchange, relocation and surplus of equipment.

Conducting end user training for voice telecommunications systems and the radio network.

Preparing technical reports and periodic status reports of accomplishments, activities and issues.   


Utilizing effective verbal and written communications. Utilizing electronic mail and scheduling system to communicate with Department staff and others.

Maintaining positive internal / external working relationships.  Complies with policies established by the commonwealth applicable nondiscrimination and equal opportunity.

Maintaining positive work habits regarding effective methods of operation, customer service, conduct, speech, ethical behavior, attendance, punctuality, safety, security other related policies.

Complying with policy specified in the “Bureau of Information Technology Data Confidentiality Policy” issues 9/12/01 and the “Standards for Employee and Other Authorized User Internet Use and Electronic Mail Communications” Management Directive issued 9/12/00. 


This engagement will consist of 37.5 hour work weeks, and will be approximately 6 months in duration.  This resource will be supervised by and will report to Bureau of Information Technology (BIT) staff.

Some travel is expected.  A small budget of $750.00 is being placed on the PO for this contingency.


Coordinate all land line installations maintenance and troubleshooting  Required 2 Years  

Familiarity with ISS Required 1 Years  

Orders Blackberries, air cards, cell phones  Required 6 Months  

Manages telephone Key systems (NEC, Toshiba etc…) Desired 6 Months  

Coordinates with vendors such as Blackbox, Verizon ET&T, AT&T Desired 6 Months  

Manages 800 number services using ATT, Verizon Desired 6 Months  

Trains users on the use of equipment such as blackberry and air cards Desired 6 Months  

Cross connect telephones in the local Health offices Desired 6 Months  

Backs up Wireless 8ooMhz radio system Not Required


Question 1 Absences greater than two weeks MUST be approved by CAI management in advance, and contact information must be provided to CAI so that the resource can be reached during his or her absence. The Client has the right to dismiss the resource if he or she does not return to work by the agreed upon date. Do you accept this requirement?

Question 2 Position is 37.5 hours per week. Please confirm the resource is comfortable with this.

Question 3 Some travel is expected. Please confirm the resource is comfortable with this.

Question 4 In person interview is required.