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DC Government
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3 Months
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Posted :
05 Apr 2013
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Short Description:


Interface Integration Consultant;  Primarily responsible for programming system interfaces based on real time HL7 transactions within a healthcare environment.


Complete Description:

The job duties are:


1. Consults with clients, department heads, vendors, and team members to define the system requirements and/or problems, conducts research, performs studies and surveys to obtain data.

2. Analyzes problems to advise on or recommend solutions utilizing knowledge of theory, principles, and technology.

3. Completes analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of new bi-directional interfaces.

4.Provides maintenance, support, and coding enhancements for existing interfaces.

5.Maintains accurate, complete integration documentation for data flows, connectivity specifications, routing, filtering, data manipulation, problem resolution, root cause analysis and change control.

6.Interface Engine administration including application of updates and patches.


Job Requirements:

Led or participated in successful integration of interfaces, including risk analysis, testing, monitoring, and evaluation of the anticipated outcomes are required.  Experience with Object Oriented Design and Programming is required. Experience with Scripting Languages such as Java Script is required.

The ideal candidate should have authored or maintained technical documentation used for all phases of integration: analysis, design, development, unit testing, and integrated testing.  Experience in implementing bi-directional interfaces from multi- IS System(s) is required.  Knowledge and skills to support communication protocols and standards such as XML is necessary.  Strong knowledge of batch processes, data mapping, and translations is required.

The ideal candidate should have the ability to monitor the performance of integration tools, logs, databases, connections and disk usage; ability to analyze and troubleshoot interface problems using on-line integration tools and utilities; ability to successfully apply modifications to existing interfaces to enhance functionality or improve integrity; ability to successfully perform integrated testing and moving the applicable test environment interface components to the production (live) environment adhering to formal change management requirements; ability to ensure test and training environments sustain a high level of synchronization and integrity with the production (live) environments. 

Hands on technical experience with Interface Engine technology in health related environment is desired. Strong knowledge of real-time interface spooling, archiving, traces, connectivity, client/server configuration, pseudo connections, routing, and error exception handling will be an added plus.


Behavior Characteristics:

1) Excellent oral and written communication, technical writing skills.

2) Demonstrates Service Excellence in daily interactions with business partners, vendors and Integration Team members.



Skill        Required / Desired          Amount               of Experience    Expertise Rating

Experience with HL7 Messaging standards          

Required             5              Years     3 - Expert

Experience with Interface Engines          

Required             12           Years     3 - Expert

Experience with Rhapsody Integration Engine   

Required             4              Years     3 - Expert

Create/Modify/test message structures, events, and connections          

Required             6              Years     3 - Expert

Experience with web services using SOAP & XML             

Required             2              Years     2 - Proficient

SQL/Oracle DB Experience          

Required             4              Years     2 - Proficient

Experience using Java Script       

Highly desired   2              Years     2 - Proficient

Experience writing technical documentation      

Highly desired   4              Years     2 - Proficient

Experience with data mapping  

Required             10           Years     3 - Expert