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State Of Michigan
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lansing, MI
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6 Months
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6 years ago
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Position Description



• 1-2 years experience and established competence in established guidelines utilize the advanced features of the HP Quicktest Pro and Quality Center tool set.

• 1-2 years experience and established competence in established guidelines utilize the advanced features of RoadRunner for load and performance testing.

• 1-2 years experience and established competence in developing, managing and executing regression, smoke, load and performance tests

• 1-2 years experience and established competence developing small programs with VB Script or similar programming language

• 1-2 years experience creating basic to moderate complexity SQL queries that extract information from existing databases

• Ability to read and understand complex written software requirements at a detailed level

• Ability to read and understand the major types of UML requirements analysis diagrams (e.g. Use Cases, State Diagrams, Activity Diagrams)

• Ability to use MS Excel including advanced features for data import/export, sorting, and table creation • Basic understanding of the Java programming language and object oriented development concepts and ability to read UML class diagrams.

• Basic understanding of the structure of Web applications, particularly as they are implemented with a J2EE architecture.

• Basic understanding of relational databases design concepts and ability to read database model diagrams • Ability to organize and manage large quantities of detailed information

• Ability to write clear and concise technical documents which can be understood by both technical audiences (e.g. developers) and business clients

• Experience with various hardware components (servers, switches, routers, SAN’s, etc.) and communications protocols.

• Experience with imaging and/or workflow applications (i.e. FileNet P8)

• Develop test scripts that will realize the goals of Test Plans previously created by System Developers.

• Ensure design is accurately and adequately reflected in test plans.

• Ensure test scripts reflect ORS Vision basic business activities, online navigation and use of the system, data requirements, and high level process flows.

• Work with functional areas to develop test plans and coordinate with functional staff for testing.

• Develop advanced automated test programs using the Mercury Interactive Quicktest Pro tool.

• Create test scripts that capture data entered on screens and input through spreadsheets. • Modify scripts to handle non-standard conditions.

• Validate the completeness and accuracy of tests.

• Add test scripts to Mercury Test Director and then use Test Director to schedule tests and monitor results.

• Create reusable test data based on written test plans and test script needs.

• Create test data that will be usable within Quicktest Pro and be easily modifiable.

• Identify and create supporting test data that is needed to meet data validation requirements and business rules that are not explicitly mentioned in the test plan.

• Make data updates, based on a thorough understanding of the purpose and details behind previously created test data.