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17 Apr 2013
Job Seekers, Please send resumes to

We are looking for a Technologist/Generalist who knows operations and development.

* We need this person to have operational experience.

* Java developer with Java Stack and some of the skills listed below, they don't have to have all the skills, but some that they will most likely be looking for this person to have are: JAVA stack, and GIT, Puppet, Tomcat, Websphere, Tuxedo.

* We need this person to be a QUICK learner, that can pick up things quickly.

* Someone who can run the application servers, they must have all UNIX, Solaris, and Linux

The Dev Ops organization is tasked with removing barriers to delivery, while maintaining standards for Security, Manageability, Reliability, and Quality of Service. Engineers on our team will be technology generalists which can work various with development and operational teams. A successful engineer will balance operational needs with product delivery.

A Dev Ops Engineer will be part of a support rotation for development and testing Unix and Solaris environment. They will support versioning, build, and monitoring system. They should be comfortable writing code and multiple languages, including Java

Experience with the following technologies is preferred*
* Gradle
* Jenkins
* JBehave
* Selenium
* Subversion
* Git
* Tomcat
* WebSphere
* DJango
* Vagrant
* Puppet
* Nexus
* Tuxedo
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux
* IntelliJ IDEA
To describe the kind of person we want as an Engineer in Crew DevOps we have a list of competencies that we expect an employee, and hence a candidate, to have. Each competency has a statement describing the compatibly.
* Customer Focused
* Work is focused on the needs and requirements of our customers, both internal and external.
* Transparent
* Customers and Co-workers are aware of your commitments and are able to track your progress
* Your work allows and encourages collaboration by others.
* You document, train, and mentor others in your areas of expertise
* Community
* You are aware of the impact of your choices and make efforts to improve the work of others around you
* Instructing coworkers in some facet of our work that they may be less familiar with. It's also the willingness, patience and ability to help facilitate other people's work by sharing one's own expertise.
* Helps out with new team members and is available and capable of answering questions.
* Responsible
* Being responsible means taking ownership of a task and seeing it through to completion. It involves pulling in the necessary resources and expertise to overcome unforeseen obstacles to get the task done -- "owning" an issue or task. It also means owning up to mistakes and correcting them.
* Owns up to commitments and follows through on things they are assigned or say they'll do.
* Owning the product, the work assigned, and the work completed. Caring that the work you have done is / is not correct and responding accordingly. Willingness / desire to follow guidelines to the best of his/her ability and taking ownership of this effort.
* Intelligence
* Intelligence involves having competence in the languages, tools, and techniques we use in delivering systems.
* Able to learn things quickly and think through things.
* Ability to understand communicated information, interpret, and apply ingested information quickly to current circumstances.
* Proactive
* Proactive means having the foresight to understand the long-term impacts of decisions being made, and having the ability to act to prevent future problems. It means taking appropriate actions now to optimize both our application and our work processes in the future.
* Anticipates issues and works towards solutions that keep problems from happening.
* Taking extra care upfront to prevent larger problems in the future.