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DC Government
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6 Months
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17 Apr 2013
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Complete Description:


Project Scope: The District’s Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) will be utilizing the IT Staff Augmentation (ITSA) process to add skilled resources to a team of government staff for the purposes of implementing an HBX in accordance with the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) – a federal statute signed into law in March 2010.  The implementation will also include modernization of the District’s current consolidated health and human services eligibility and enrollment system.


Position Description: For the implementation of the HBX or DCAS, the District will procure commercial-off-the-shelf software, and services of a systems integration vendor to build and integrate configurable solutions, such as Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) and individual plan selection, to provide seamless interaction between the consumer and the health insurance marketplace, state eligibility systems, the federal and state data hubs, other systems, and Qualified Health Plans (QHPs). In support of this effort, the procurement includes a Functional Project Manager resource, operating within the governance of the DHCF project management office (PMO), who will, in a matrix organizational structure, manage multiple teams of functional and policy analysts in the following domains: Eligibility and Enrollment (E&E), Insurance/Plan Management (PM), Financial Management (FM), and Consumer Assistance. This individual will operate as the District’s interface with the systems integration vendor who will be developing the technical solution based on requirements from these domains. A successful candidate for this position will be able to expertly apply project management processes and principles across the system development lifecycle.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

• Manages Project Scope – Ensures conformance of deliverable acceptance criteria, prioritizes stakeholder requirements, and executes tasking within project scope boundaries. Collaborate with the system integration vendor as technical work packages are defined, designed, developed, tested and implemented across the various domains of E&E, PM, FM, SHOP, Account Management, Case Management and Customer Portal.

• Executes Industry Standard Processes – Implements and advocates Project Management Institute established best practices of Integration, Scope, Time, Quality, Communication, Risk and Procurement Management.

• Leads Project Lifecycle - Leads each assigned project and each of its work packages through each phase of the life cycle. Ensures that the project has completed any relevant gate review requirements, and that all vendor deliverables have been properly and timely completed, and reviewed for accuracy and completeness by all affected stakeholders. Facilitate the assignment of District staff for review of each system integration vendor’s deliverable.

• Ensures Project Delivery - Manages integration, interdependencies, and alignment of project activities and/or work streams that cross the boundaries of discrete functional and technical domains as listed above.

• Resolves Issues - Effectively identifies issues and leads the discussion for, and the construction of the resultant action plans for issue resolution. Communicates the progress of issue resolution to the PMO, vendor and all affected stakeholders.

• Assesses Risk - Proactively identifies risks, communicates risks to appropriate stakeholders and develops risk mitigation strategies and a contingency plans.

• Manages Change – Proactively anticipates and plans for the need for change and communicates the need for change, identifies and analyze the impact on the project scope, schedule and budget. Also builds awareness and support for change within the impacted organization(s).

• Manages Stakeholder Relationships: Identifies and establishes partnerships with stakeholders to build support, solidify sponsorship, and ensure alignment for project outcomes, end-products and/or solutions.

• Facilitates communication among stakeholders and project team members to ensure that business needs are being fulfilled and that all tasks and activities are progressing and being completed as scheduled.

• Coordinates, participates and/or attends all relevant project meetings as determined by the PMO.



• Four year college degree



Skill        Required / Desired          Amount               of Experience    Expertise Rating

Project Management/Project Lead experience

Required             8              Years     3 - Expert

Broad stakeholder communications/expectations management and facilitation

Required             5              Years     2 - Proficient

Determining, analyzing and resolving risks and issues and clearly communicating the impacts on the project       

Required             5              Years     3 - Expert

Business analyst experience with the ability to manage several moderate sized teams  

Required             5              Years     3 - Expert

Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Project

Required             4              Years     2 - Proficient

Leading or functioning in a lead role for the implementation of medium-to-large projects with budgets over $1M            

Required             4              Years     3 - Expert

Business requirements development/analysis  

Required             4              Years     3 - Expert

Experience utilizing Project Management Institute established best practices    

Required             4              Years     2 - Proficient

Bachelor's Degree          


Report development as business analyst

Required             3              Years     2 - Proficient