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State of Arkansas
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6 Months
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17 Apr 2013
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The Programmers will be responsible for rewriting an existing application in VB .NET web application and  enhance  security.


Complete Description:

Local Candidates Preferred.


The project will focus on rewriting the Child Nutrition Web Application. 


This project will focus on allowing school districts to submit their claims on-line. Child Nutrition staff will maintain and process district claims for free/reduced meals as well as generate state and federal reports. The existing client server application is accessed using a terminal emulator, Tera Term Pro, which is installed on their PC.  It allows the user to enter their login ID and password, and then provides access to the Child Nutrition screens. 


Since the Child Nutrition application was first implemented there has been much advancement in the IT industry that could simplify and improve the customer’s access via web. The business opportunity for this project focuses on replacing terminal emulation with easier access to the application via web and stricter security checks.


The developer will be responsible for coding, component & assembly testing of the application code.  The Web application must work in an environment with Windows XP or Windows 7 Operating System and running Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9.


The qualified candidate must have a minimum of 3 years of recent, hands-on experience in developing and maintaining internet applications with the following skill set:

-VB.NET developer (new code)                                 Required

-SQL Server 2008 Database                                          Required

-HTML                                                                   Required

-XML                                                                     Required

-Web Services                                                   Required

-Visual Studio 2010                                                          Required

-ASP.NET                                                                             Required

-Informix 4gl developer  (existing code)                                Highly Desired

-Informix Database (existing database)                 Highly Desired



Skill        Required / Desired          Amount               of Experience

VB.NET developer (new code)  

Required             6              Years

SQL Server 2008 Database           

Required             6              Years


Required             6              Years


Required             6              Years

Web Services    

Required             6              Years

Visual Studio 2010           

Required             2              Years

Visual Studio 2005 or 2008           

Required             6              Years


Required             6              Years

Informix 4gl developer (existing code)  

Highly desired                   

Informix Database (existing database)  

Highly desired                 


Describe a working Web application you developed in a Windows XP or Windows 7 Operating System running Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9.