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State of Ohio
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6 Months
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18 Apr 2013
Job Seekers, Please send resumes to

Short Description:


There are TWO positions .  Interviews are scheduled for 4/29 at 10:00, 1:00 and 2:00.  April 30th at 11:00, 1:00 and 2:00.

Complete Description:

The successful candidate will have in depth MVC experience , Have experience with MVC on two or more projects, be able to describe a page the resource built,    Explains the framework and organization of an MVC application., understanding MVC Application Execution, Explains how an MVC application operates

Walkthrough: Creating a Basic ASP.NET MVC Project,  Demonstrates how to create a basic MVC application, add controllers, add views, and add unit tests., be able to discuss Compatibility of ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC

 Explains how ASP.NET MVC differs from ASP.NET Web Forms.


The agency is setting MVC up and is learning as they go.  They are looking for resources to help lead them thru this process, in additon to the other required skill sets. 

The Programmer is responsible for analysis, design, coding, component and assembly testing of all application code owned by the Application Team. Programmers typically are involved in maintenance (including production support), enhancement and development work. Programmers have a range of skills and knowledge of the technologies used and applications supported by the Application Team. The Programmer works with the Functional Architect and Technical Architecture Specialist on an as needed basis to ensure that design and code meets customer requirements.


Years of Relevant Experience:

10 plus years

Preferred Education:

4 year college degree or equivalent technical study with advanced study preferred.

Role Description:

All roles specified  plus the following:

•Proven track record of hands-on technical design and code work within large complex systems.

•Proven hands-on technical work with a variety of technologies.

•Demonstrated technical expertise integrating a variety of diverse technical environments and cross-platform technologies.

•Proven experience mentoring and performing supervisory functions for technical teams.

•Ability to make best practice recommendations based on past work.

•Proven ability to present complex technical constructs to business and non-technical users.

•Proven ability to collaborate with business users, project managers and technical architects.



Skill        Required / Desired          Amount               of Experience

Please see attached document for further notes             

Required             1              Years

Verifiable experience ASP.NET utilizing MVC FRAMEWORK for at least FOUR yrs.             

Required             5              Years

Verifiable .NET experience utilizing C SHARP C#

Required             5              Years

Verifiable experience with SQL server Database Design and development;i.e. tables, queries, views

Required             5              Years

Experience developing within an AGILE Project

Required             2              Years

Experience developing web applications utilizing the 4.0 .NET framework or higher         

Required             2              Years

Experience with SOA developing and securing Windows CommunicationFoundation (WCF)

Required             2              Years

Experience of N-tier environments as it relates to development and deployment            

Required             1              Years

Experience implementing and configuring Mircrosoft Enterprise Library

Required             2              Years

Experience implementing Asynchronoous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) enabled controls within ASP.Net pages    

Required             2              Years

Experience with code repository strategies , code promotion strategies and recovery using TFS

Required             1              Years