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State of Ohio
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6 Months
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01 May 2013
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Short Description:


The Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) is responsible for the design, pilot, and implementation of the software quality assurance review processes.


Complete Description:


The Division of Information Technology requests a senior Quality Assurance Analyst that would primarily be assigned to the Equipment Inventory Management System (EIMS) being developed for ODOT assets. The EIMS project is at a stage where a QA will be needed as soon as possible to develop a test stratgey and plan for this 3rd party application (COTS) as well as creating test cases and scripts and executing the test cases.  The contractor will also work with the users on User Acceptance Testing to ensure the users are satisfied with the product and it meets business needs. This consultant would also work on other projects as needed. This is an enterprise application and will be completed in multiple phases. It will integrate with other systems including Kronos payroll


The Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) is responsible for the design, pilot, and implementation of the software quality assurance review processes. The QAS Specialist will work with Application Teams during pre and post assessment periods. The QAS Specialist reports to the Quality Assurance Team Lead. For each phase end review the Quality Assurance Specialist is responsible to plan, schedule, execute, and document findings of the review.  Quality Assurance Specialists must have a detailed understanding of processes which support the software development lifecycle. The Quality Assurance Lead is responsible for communicating with the State regarding the progress of the quality approach and a summary of the metrics, as well as managing the Quality Assurance Specialists.



Years of Relevant Experience:

7 years software development, testing and project management

Preferred Education:

4 year college degree or equivalent technical study.

Role Description:

All roles specified  plus the following:

•Review project’s required work products to ensure compliance with approved tailored procedures and standards.

•Review and check project’s software development activities and the associated internal tasks required as employed by the project and specified in the project plan.

•Compare actual project procedures to the specified standards, procedures, and, if required, specific 3rd party contractual requirements.

•Perform detailed reviews of interim and final tasks as appropriate.

•Ensure process improvement opportunities are reviewed by appropriate contact to identify training needs of the organization.

•Perform or manage the required software quality phase end reviews of work product and process for each software project and produce the required software quality reports, as specified in the project's software quality plan.

•Develop, and manage short and long-term plans and schedules for organization wide software quality needs.

•Balance workload with team’s capacity by managing the team’s activities according to schedule and budgets.

•Coordinate and procure the required skills and techniques required.

•Obtain feedback from project teams regarding the overall effectiveness of processes and procedures – Forward to appropriate stakeholders and process owners.

•Provide feedback to project teams regarding process/procedure improvement opportunities and other potential areas for improvement discovered during software quality activities.

•Report all software quality-revealed non-compliance.

•Provide regular reports on the results of compliance reviews to the project team, project team leaders and management.  Report on progress on action item resolution and possible risk areas.

•Anticipate and resolve issues dealing with software quality.

•Develop options and recommendations to assist teams in resolving issues.

•Ensure action items are addressed and closed based on agreed dates and activities.

•Ensure that defined processes are followed.

•Communicate related improvement measures to the project team.

•Obtain feedback from project teams regarding the overall effectiveness of software quality processes followed.  Review with team and develop continuous improvement action plans.  Report status to executive team.

•Communicate and work with customers and other personnel as necessary.

•Communicate clearly the team goals, organizational philosophies, and policies and procedures to the team.

•Communicate to team members the relationship between their work assignments and the team and project objectives.

•Lead efforts in developing and facilitating implementation of team goals and metrics.





Required / Desired


of Experience


Ability to work as lead QA on the project / create test plan




Ability to create test strategy for 3rd party off the shelf (COTS) application




Familiar with user requirements / able to create test cases for application requirements




Good communication skills




Able to work alone as QA resource




Familiar with SharePoint as document and defect repository