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State of Ohio
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6 months
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09 May 2013
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During the interview process with the ODPS staff, the resource consultant must demonstrate competence/experience in their specific area(s) of project assignment. The resource’s experience must also be documented for review and verification. Offered resources not showing technical or functional competence/experience will be sufficient reason to reject the Offeror’s proposal.  It is the responsibility of the Offeror to pre-screen their candidates to ensure compliance.


1. Strong communication/ leadership skills.

2. Strong influence, collaboration and negotiation experience.

3. Ability to collaborate with supporting resources across business and/or functional lines.

4. Have excellent oral and written skills/possess strong meeting and work session facilitation skills.

5. Have the ability to work independently and as part of a team, the ability to manage time and resources to meet assigned deadlines.

6. Have strong understanding of prioritization stemming from the elicitation of system and/or user requirements.

7. Have excellent organizational skills, proven analytical, planning, problem solving, and decision-making skills.

8. Must be knowledgeable in the English language/speak clearly and understandably using the English language.



Skill        Required / Desired          Amount               of Experience

Experience Information Technology programmer            

Required             8              Years

Experience using Structured Query Language    

Required             5              Years

Experience utilizing PacBase for relational systems on a Unisys OS/2200 or IBM mainframe

Required             2              Years

Experience utilizing Pacbase within the past 3 years        

Required             3              Years

Experience working directly with end users to define requirements and provide technical advice and assistance in a large scale envirmt    

Required             3              Years