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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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6 Months
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09 May 2013
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Perform electronic systems programming, administration, maintenance and support on AS400 mainframe system.


Complete Description:

Perform electronic systems programming, administration, maintenance and support on AS400 mainframe system, which houses the BOIS, ASBESTOS/LEAD, BED & UPHOLSTERY, BOILERS, ELEVATORS, PENNSAFE and PEMA applications


Administrator of Websphere MQ. The duties include but are not limited to creating, deleting, altering, and managing Websphere MQ objects (queues, processes, channels, security,etc).


Interface by both verbal contact, interactively through the IBM Electronic Customer Support, and AS400 Technical Support WEB Site to resolve operating system, communication software, and application development problems.


Work with IBM hardware technicians to upgrade current equipment and install new equipment in an ongoing effort to keep the as400 system current with the continuing increases of user demands and to take advantage of the latest technological advances in computer hardware.


Notify and coordinate with IBM support when necessary a system problem that has partially or completely disabled a component of the BIOS system.


Configure and attach new hardware and software packages, new releases and upgrades for the AS400 system. This also involves the backup of existing operating systems, testing of new operating code, and coordination, and monitoring of the revised operating system. Notify application development staff and user staff of new methods or procedures for using the revised or upgraded system.


Create and maintain existing test and production user profiles for the AS400 system which currently has in excess of 400 users defined. Assign application and user priorities and security levels, assign and reset passwords, grant object authority, and determine which system activities can be preformed by users at each level to perform their daily job functions.


Provide technical assistance to users, application programmers and system analysts in resolving any software, hardware, communications, and system resource, security and application problem.


Monitor AS400 system resources including DASD, optic storage, and system memory for availability and efficiency. Monitor the AS400 system logs for error and warning messages, looking for all existing or potential software, hardware, or system resource problems. Address and correct those problems when they occur.


Interface with the Problem Management Coordinator to resolve and document problems occurring with any hardware or software components on the system.


Create new system objects as necessary such as new AS400 subsystem descriptions to accommodate new or changing user requirements. Also, create control, line and device descriptions to accommodate the installation of new hardware equipment.


Schedule, control, and monitor all production and test jobs on the AS400 calendar. The AS400 calendar function is designed primarily to schedule jobs to run at night that are too large and resource intensive for daytime processing.


Coordinate with systems software personnel on communications problems for developing new AS400 user applications that must interface with the other department systems or are routed through the L&I network.


Insure that all optic platters, user objects and system objects are backed up and complete restore requests in the event of a system failure.


Responsible for the support job scheduling tasks on both the AS400 and the UC mainframe.  Required tasks include: 

--Configuration of job schedule and job plans as provided by the DLI application development staff.

--Running jobs manually as needed or ad-hoc as requested. Requests will be received through the departments Remedy Action Request System. Any printed output from these jobs that requires high volume print capabilities will be directed and printed through the departments Xerox Docu Print laser printers, printed and output distributed to the subscribed users.

--Monitoring jobs for normal completion. Abnormal ending jobs will be reviewed and handled accordingly. This may involve specific job recovery procedures, notification of technical staff, or other documented instructions.


Responsible to review and analyze batch processing requirements through out all Labor & Industry processing environments. Making recommendations for conversion and efficiencies to BBAD and BES for enterprise wide processing on all platforms currently in use at Labor & Industry, as well as those proposed for modernization.


Maintain the highest knowledge level of all aspects of job scheduling software. Keep current with all system upgrades and schedule and apply maintenance level changes as necessary.


Approve/validate all job scheduling requirements proposed by applications developers for processed scheduled to be integrated into the production level environment.


Monitor scheduling Outlook folder for job scheduling requests submitted by BES staff originating from developer’s requests.


Manage the migration of job scripts thru the development and testing stages into task production area.


Create and maintain all production scheduling calendars.


Complete optical imaging and digitizing of media for use on the AS400 and mainframe.   This includes scanning logos, signatures, and other images.  Preparing scanning images for use on correspondence produced on the systems and printed on Xerox Docu Print laser printers.


Particiate in the planning and testing of disaster recovery exercises. 


Confidentiality Policy

The incumbent of this position is required to adhere to the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Data Confidentiality Policy. This agreement is distributed electronically through the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) OIT eAgreement application. It must be acknowledged at the start of employment upon initial sign-on to the network and re-acknowledged as requested thereafter.



Skill        Required / Desired          Amount               of Experience

AS400 systems administration (iSeries) 

Required             5              Years

IBM Mainframe administration (z/OS)   

Required             5              Years

AS400 or mainframe programming          

Required             2              Years

Batch job scheduling     

Required             2              Years

Websphere MQ              

Required             2              Years

Knowledge of AS400 software packages


Knowledge of prog languages (Cobol, etc)          


Knowledge of optical imaging processes              


Strong communication skills, both written and verbal