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State of Ohio
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6 Months
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15 May 2013
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BA to help with gathering business requirements from multiple division’s within ODPS. 

Complete Description:

During the interview process with the ODPS staff, the resource consultant must demonstrate competence/experience in their specific area(s) of project assignment. The resource’s experience must also be documented for review and verification. Offered resources not showing technical or functional competence/experience will be sufficient reason to reject the Offeror’s proposal.  It is the responsibility of the Offeror to pre-screen their candidates to ensure compliance.


The ODPS has estimated that it will require one (1) full-time resource to provide up to two thousand (2000) hours for Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13), and two thousand (2000) hours in FY14 to complete this work.


Background Check must be brought in when interview conducted.



1.  Strong communication/ leadership skills.

2.  Strong influence, collaboration and negotiation experience.

3.  Ability to collaborate with supporting resources across business and/or functional lines.

4.  Have excellent oral and written skills/possess strong meeting and work session facilitation skills.

5.  Have the ability to work independently and as part of a team, the ability to manage time and resources to meet   assigned deadlines.

6.  Have strong understanding of prioritization stemming from the elicitation of system and/or user requirements.

7.  Have excellent organizational skills, proven analytical, planning, problem solving, and decision-making skills.

8.  Must be knowledgeable in the English language/speak clearly and understandably using the English language.



Skill        Required / Desired          Amount               of Experience

Experience as a Business Analyst in the last 8 years         

Required             4              Years

Experience eliciting and defining system and user requirements thru observation, interveiws and analysis

Required             4              Years

Experience working directly with end users to define requirements, provide technical advice and assistance in large scale environment    

Required             4              Years

Experience translating customer needs into formal business requirements         

Required             4              Years

Experience interviewing non technical end users to determine and document current business process flows   

Required             3              Years

Experience in Business Process regineering        

Required             2              Years

Experience creating test conditions , test cases and test scenarios           

Required             3              Years

Experience with Agile alignment within BABOK in at least one organization          

Required             1              Years

Strong communication/leadership skills


Strong influence, collaboration and negotiation experience        




Need Mandatory Requirements           

1.  Four (4) years experience as a Business Systems Analyst within the past eight (8) years.

2. Four (4) years experience eliciting and defining system and user requirements through observation,      interviews, and analysis.

3. Four (4) years experience working directly with end-users to define requirements and provide   technical advice and assistance in a large-scale environment.

4. Four (4) years experience translating customer needs into formal business requirements.

5.  Three (3) years experience interviewing non-technical end users to determine and document     current business process flows.

6. Two (2) years experience in Business Process Re-      engineering.

7.   Three (3) years experience using Visio to create business process flows including standard    flowcharts and swim lane diagrams.

8.   Three (3) years experience creating test conditions, test cases, and test scenarios.

9.   Four (4) years experience analyzing end-user needs and conducting fit gap analysis.

10.  Documented experience as a technical Business Analyst from project initiation through completion on a minimum of two (2) software development or implementation projects requiring a minimum of two thousand (2,000) Full-time Equivalent (FTE) hours to complete.

11.  Documented experience using project management software (e.g. Microsoft Project or Clarity) to develop and maintain a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) on a minimum of two (2) projects.

12.   Four (4) years experience using a business requirements tracking tool for recording and       prioritization of business requirements.

13.  Documented experience in systems process and data mapping, requirements gathering, and            analysis as well as proficiency in the creation of detailed documentation.


14. Needs to show at least 1 experience with a large organization as ODPS.


15.  Needs to have used AGILE in one organization


16.  Needs to have used the Agile Alignment within BABOK in at least one organization.