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State of New Jersey
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Trenton, NJ
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6 Months
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Posted :
11 Apr 2012
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Engagement Type: Contract

Location : Trenton, NJ

Duration:  6 Months


Short Description:

Senior Consultant is responsible for evaluating existing systems and/or new user needs to analyze, design, recommend, and implement information system changes.


Complete Description:

DEP is seeking a professional, objective assessment of the Office of Information Resources Management Resource's (OIRM) business processes in order to gauge its ability to achieve the objectives of DEP's Transformation Plan, which was recently approved by the Governor's office.  OIRM developed a number of parallel strategic priorities to support the goals in the Plan.  The resource would focus their effort in assessing how OIRM can best maximize its capabilities and resources to implement its priorities in  support the Department's transformation efforts in achieving its goals.  Following are a few of OIRM's strategic priorities that the resource would take into consideration as part of the assessment.


1) DEP's electronic submittal capabilities have provided the regulated community with better, more consistent services with fewer resources.  OIRM is seeking to improve on these capabilities by significantly increasing the rate at which new electronic submittal services are created.  The Commissioner's goal is to ultimately make all submittals electronic. 


2) GIS has long been recognized as a key technology supporting the mission of many areas within DEP.  But as more DEP programs have discovered the benefits of streamlining their business processes using GIS, the demand for GIS-enabled features and services have increased signficantly.  DEP's Transformation Plan essentially mandates GIS usage for most of its goals, increasing demand further and requiring its integration into our business systems.


3) Enhancing IT infrastructure and security goes hand-in-hand with the above-listed items.  Although it is vital for DEP to deliver services to its constituents effectively, efficently, and transparently, it is equally vital for DEP to improve its IT security posture by ensuring its data is as secure as possible.


Years of Relevant Experience: More than 20 years

Preferred Education: 4 year college degree or equivalent technical study or advanced degree


Role Description:

All roles specified in SC2 plus:

Develop executive management presentations and reports

Engage in ongoing process improvement

Detailed functional and process knowledge of their discipline(s)

Utilize deep modeling, design, and assembly skills

Builds system's capability which reflects the highest state of technical sophistication consistent with the organization's needs and budget

Recommends insights that contribute to overall organization's strategic management

Consults with management to determine information requirements of management, scientists, or engineers, determine boundaries and priorities of new projects, and discuss system capacity and equipment acquisitions

Reviews project feasibility studies and makes recommendations

Provides independant verification and validation

May assign and schedule work, or delegate work to subordinate managers and surpervisors, and review work performed

May present prepare proposals and solicit sale of systems analysis, programming, and computer services to outside firms or agencies

Mentor and coach managers, peers, and subordinates

Provide knowledge transfer to managers, peers, and subordinates





Amount Of Experience

Development of executive management presentations and reports


20 Years

Thorough understanding of GIS features and services


10 years

Experience with comprehensive assessments


20 years

Strong Knowledge of IT security


10 years

Experience in analyzing environmental organizations


15 years

Detailed functional and process knowledge of multiple IT disciplines


20 years