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MIDCOM Corporation
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6 Months
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07 Jun 2013
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Position Summary

The IT Data Services group is charged with the development and maintenance of conversion and interface programs to support the implementation of a Payroll/Personnel System.  The position requires considerable administrative and technical coordination in a highly complex technical and organizational environment and results in systems designed to meet the conversion and interface requirements.


Under direction of the Data Services Manager and other members of the Data Services team, the incumbent is responsible for designing and implementing robust Extract Transform and Load applications and processes to load data and supporting metadata into the decision support systems.  Responsible for the ongoing operational stability of the ETL processes ensuring they are properly monitored and audited to provide data integrity, accuracy and timeliness of delivery.


Proposed Job Duties

Build and Maintain ETL processes 

•   Working closely with Data Architect, data modelers, data analysts, business analysts and BI developers to understand requirements and using the InfoSphere toolkit and ETL best practices, develop ETL processes in support of the requirements, validate that they meet business and technical specifications;, ensure that any issues raised during testing are addressed prior to migration into production; and manage ongoing maintenance of the system and data.

Work includes:

•   Design, build, test and maintenance of extract processes to assure the selection of correct data, including design, test and implementation of parsing rules to assure selection of correct data and build of data profiling to assure ongoing correctness of extracted data.

•   Design, build, test and maintenance of transform rules and processes to derive the correct data from the extracted data and to transform it into the required format and structure to support the business requirements

•   Design, build, test and maintenance of the process to properly load the transformed data into the target database and the associated metadata into the enterprise metadata repository.

•   Development and execution of ETL test plans.

•   Manage maintenance of the system and data including monitoring and data profiling to assure ongoing data quality, ongoing monitoring and optimization of the system to manage scalability and performance; and identification and implementation of improvement opportunities for key development processes.

•   Provide the BI Manager and the Data Architect with status and progress reports on development and maintenance activities as required.

•   Related Activities        10%     Other duties as assigned.

Proposed Job Requirements:

•   Minimum four years’ experience in data related work with at least 2 years as a senior ETL analyst/developer for large, complex decision support systems.  Hands on experience with IBM DataStage 8.1, including extensive experience with parallel job design and development and strong SQL coding skills, is required. Experience with IBM QualityStage and FastTrack is preferred. Working experience with revision control systems, Linux platform, Shell scripting, and DB2 database is preferred. Strong familiarity with multi-dimensional Star schema and general DBMS concepts is required.

•   Extensive experience in extract transform and load, data profiling, data quality, metadata management and data intake for large complex data systems. Ability to analyze,verify, and document the accuracy of the developed ETL code through self-directed testing.

Preferred Job Requirements:

•   Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems or a related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

•   Strong interpersonal skills; ability to work on cross-functional teams.

•   Strong verbal and written communication skills with an ability to express complex technical concepts in business terms and complex business concepts in technical terms

•   Self-motivated and independent, able to work with a minimum of supervision and able to work well with stakeholders and project staff

•   Ability to prioritize and multi task across numerous work streams

•   Ability to plan and organize technical work and deliverables. Able to lead teams to consensus decisions on complex business and technical data challenges. Ability to follow guidelines and adhere to the established software development standards and conventions.

•   Deep knowledge of best practices through relevant experience across data-related disciplines and technologies particularly for enterprise wide data architectures and data warehousing/BI.

•   Experience with IBM data warehouse environment, InfoSphere tool set and Business Objects tool set.

Significant Contacts



Purpose of Contact




Business Sponsor/Stakeholder/Project Manager


Elicit requirements, translate into technical ETL requirements, plan and participate in development of test plans and activities


As needed



Business Intelligence Group Manager and Technical Leads 


Take direction, provide status as required, plan and execute work plans and initiatives




Other IR&C Managers and Technical Experts


Collaborate with other IR&C staff to assure deliver of the decision support system.


As scheduled



Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems or a related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience.