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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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2 Months
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14 Jun 2013
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The Senior Business Subject Matter Expert (SME) brings proven experience from related businesses or organizations as well as system integration and technology experience (more than 10 yrs experience).

Complete Description:

Looking to secure a Senior Business Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the arena of legal processes.   OA/OIT has developed a case management system (Matter Management System-MMS) for the Office of General Counsel, which has not been well documented.  PDE and BADS are looking to leverage this system for PDE’s case management process. The first task will be for the SME to assess and become highly familiar with the MMS terminologies, workflows and processes.   The SME will be responsible for bringing in an understanding of the Office of General Counsel Case Management business process and how that process applies to the new MMS.  BADS currently has a team lead and PM who have that understanding, but these comprehensions need to be documented. 


A Technical Writer has been secured to document the application from an architecture and user perspective.  This information will need to be reviewed, as well as the SME walking through the MMS specifically.  Once completed, the next task for this SME will be to create a functional document that will reflect the business processes contained within MMS.  The SME is to understand all aspects of the MMS and the underlying business process. This resource will build on the documents created by the Technical Writer described above to create System Functional Specifications.


With these specifications then being understood, this SME is to meet with the client, PDE, reviewing their Case Management needs.  There is currently an outdated Requirements document, which will need to be vetted and updated.  Finally, with the understanding of what is available from the current MMS and the needs for PDE, the SME is to develop a Gap Analysis for bringing PDE business needs into the current MMS application.  All documentation is to be created in Microsoft Office tools.



• Consult with executive-level and legal stakeholders to refine business need or problem definition (requirements); conduct research, possibly perform surveys to obtain data; and advise on or recommend solutions, utilizing knowledge of theory and/or principles of case management.

• Analyze documentation and output from consultations with stakeholders to determine potential overlaps in business accommodation by MMS and gaps where MMS would need enhancements to accommodate PDE business needs.  This determination might also include recommendations for changes in processing methods and practices, or redesign of products or services.  (“Stakeholders” is also to include the Office of General Counsel for terminology and process definition standards.)

• Provide team members with Gap Analysis document and provide a briefing to stakeholders on Gap Analysis conclusions.   Modifications may be required based on outcome of that briefing.


Items to be completed

1.            MMS System Functional Specifications – 2 weeks

2.            Assess/Update PDE Requirements– 3 weeks

3.            Provide Gap Analysis – 2 weeks


• Knowledge in customer relationship systems (CRM) (specifically, MS Dynamics) and SharePoint would be beneficial.

• Extensive experience in case management (specifically disciplinary case management would be beneficial).

• Requires experience providing consulting services to governmental entities.

• Solid communication (briefing and written) skills.


Additional Note: All candidates coming for an interview are to provide documentation samples of their work.



Skill        Required / Desired          Amount               of Experience

Knowledge in customer relationship systems (CRM) (specifically, MS Dynamics and SharePoint would be beneficial)      

Required             3              Years

Extensive experience in case management (specifically disciplinary case management would be beneficial)        

Required             3              Years

Experience providing consulting services to governmental entities          

Required             2              Years

Solid communication (briefing and written) skills

                Required             5              Years

Solid experience performing Gap Analysis           

Required             5              Years

Experience creating functional documents based on business processes              

Required             5              Years

Exp working with executive-level and stakeholders to define business needs and problem definition (requirements)    

Required             2              Years

Experience conducting research and performing surveys to obtain data

Required             5              Years


Candidates will be required to provide documentation samples of their work.