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18 Jun 2013
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We are  looking for a RAT (Radio Access Technology) engineer that will be working with modem and RIL (radio interface layer) development engineers and will be responsible for verification of modem and RIL subsystem of smart phones by developing dynamic test methodologies, scenario, framework, and test cases, as well as executing tests and analyzing signaling log/data to ensure the conformance and quality of modem and RIL software.

Must have good understanding of both SW and HW implementation as well as good command of theoretical analysis of the cellular signaling protocols on both mobile side and network side Also, the candidate should be working with the customers  approval / certification engineers running development level pre-certification tests for all industry's modem and signaling related conformance and certification tests including but not limited to CCF, GCF, PTCRB. A RAT engineer will also need to run key portion of customer test plans prior to customer lab submission for customer acceptance, to ensure the key telephony features related to modem and RIL is guaranteed to pass without problem. At certain point of the product development phase, RAT engineers are required to run RAT NVIOT (Network Vendor Inter-Operability Test) at selected field to make sure the successful interoperability of mobile products modem/RIL in any field condition.

Minimum Required Skills (yrs exp, platforms, languages, tools, etc.):  

ü  Strong domain knowledge of cellular technologies such as CDMA1X/EVDO, GSM, GPRS, WCDMA/UMTS, and LTE especially L2-L3 protocol layer on either network or mobile side.

ü  Experience in development and/or testing of signaling / call processing procedures and protocol on CDMA1X/EVDO, GSM, GPRS, WCDMA/UMTS and/or LTE.

ü  In depth knowledge of 3GPP/3GPP2 Signaling specification.

ü  In depth knowledge on Qualcomm development tools and especially strong ability to analyze QXDM signaling logs.*** Not just testing but analysis  and working the logs, can be LTE vs QXDM

ü  In depth knowledge in 3GPP/3GPP2 conformance test cases, CCF and GCF/PTCRB and experience of conformance test case execution on test platforms such as Spirent, Anritsu, etc. and especially manual test experience and troubleshooting experience on test environment is a plus.

ü  Hands on experience in using cellular network simulators such as Agilent 8960, Anritsu 8470, CMU 200, CMW500 and Spirent

ü  Experience in creating cellular signaling test scripts using scripting environment of Spirent, Anritsu RTD and Anritsu 8470 C, etc.

ü  Good understanding and experience of US and International mobile carriers' test specifications, test cases and execution on live and simulated networks

ü  Strong demonstration of debugging capability in signaling, connectivity and call drop issues, analyzing data throughput issues and other product performance issues related to Modem and RIL (Radio Interface Layer).

ü  Experience in development of cellular test automation framework and environment for Smartphones on network simulators is a huge plus

ü  Knowledge and good understanding of mobile SW /HW architecture and especially on RIL (Radio Interface Layer) of Android and other smartphone OS is strongly preferred.

Ask the candidate how much experience they have on the skills listed below…

ü  Analyzing the log/data to ensure the quality of Modem RIL SW Focusing on certification testing, protocol testing, working with chipset vendors, test houses and IOT labs.

ü  RIL and modem experience

ü  He is looking for a RAT engineer from the development side (Modem) thru testing (in the field and lab) with vendor equipment - specific modem exp-

ü  Determine what types of protocol and test scripts to get the right equipment for development

ü  Great understanding of the Protocol stack quality is it up to 3GPP/3GPP2 specs

ü  QXDM is required - exp with Qualcomm modems and knowledge abt modem system desired

ü  Anritsu RTD and Anritsu 8470 C