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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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6 Months
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09 Jul 2013
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Short Description:

The contractor’s primary responsibilities will be design, development, coding programs and implementation of the projects specified in the objectives of engagement


Complete Description:

The contractor’s primary responsibilities will be design, development, coding programs and implementation of the projects specified in the objectives of engagement.  The applications will run on and IBM iSeries mainframe, software release (V7R1).  The contractor will participate in business and software requirement sessions with Mcare Fund’s business units as assigned by the Application Developer Administrator.  The contractor will analyze, design, document, develop, code, test, debug and implement the required mainframe software/processing necessary to meet the requirements as specified by the Mcare business units involved in the project. The contractors will work with all required business and technical entities to implement the new software. Once implemented, the contractor will provide documentation, training and any additional assistance to the end users to insure they are able to efficiently use all the features of the newly implemented project. 



1.  Points of contact

2.  Criminal History Background Check

3.  Security access




The contractor will complete all assigned tasks related to the development and implementation of: (1) phase 2 of the Medicare Secondary Payer liability insurance reporting requirements mandated by Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007; (2) automation of the coverage unit’s e216 form download to the IBM iSeries and update of Mcare’s database; (3) Programming to eliminate service request backlog; and (4) Electronically post/verify insurance coverage cancellations, endorsements, dates of coverage and discounts.


The contractor will work collaboratively with the Application Developer Administrator of DEA’s Mcare Unit, the end user and any mainframe technical resources required to complete the implementation. All project deliverables, including documentation and application coding, will satisfy the business requirements and objectives of the projects and will meet the Department’s coding / security policies, procedures, standards and best practices.  Application coding will be free from major defects at the time of implementation into the production environment.   The contractor will complete all required time reporting activities and provide appropriate task status updates to the Application Developer Administrator of DEA’s Mcare Unit.





•             Participate in business requirements sessions with the Mcare business units and DEA’s Mcare Unit in the development of the Systems Requirements Deliverables. 

•             Analyzes the business / systems requirements and designs the mainframe processes.

•             Works with other members of the application development team and Mcare business units to develop the Detailed Systems Design Deliverable and gain user acceptance. 

•             Works from Detailed Systems Design Deliverable to code the components / modules of the application.  Completes specific task assignments per requirements and within required timeframes. Adheres to the Department’s coding / security policies, procedures, standards and best practices. 

•             Coordinates work with the Application Developer Administrator of DEA’s Mcare Unit. 

•             Provides status of work to the Application Developer Administrator. Assists in monitoring estimated-time-to-complete and actuals for assigned tasks. Completes required time reporting processes.

•             Anticipates, identifies, tracks and resolves issues and risks affecting own work and work of the application team.

•             Executes all responsibilities with little direct supervision from the Application Developer Administrator.

•             Completes unit testing of developed application components.  Analyzes problems, identifies, documents and resolves all coding defects discovered during testing.

•             Creates and provides content for operational documentation.

•             Participates in meetings with the Mcare business units to gain acceptance of the application prior to implementation.

•             Resolves any defects discovered in post-implementation through the end of the contractor’s engagement.






The selected vendor shall provide a Contractor who will possess a minimum of three (3) years’ of industry (IT) experience in the analysis, design, coding, unit and integration testing and deployment of application code.  Additionally, the contractor must demonstrate specific experience, support and background with the following application and product sets:


•             IBM RPG-ILE 

•             IBM Control Level Language (CLLE)

•             IBM Screen Design (DDS)

•             Structured Query Language (SQL)

•             MS Office 2010


The vendor shall supply a contractor who does not require training and who has managed and supported the referenced technologies in the past.  The contractor will have superior communication skills, both verbal and written.  The contractor, and vendor, will be able to exchange information with all levels of Mcare staff (management to end-user).



Skill        Required / Desired          Amount               of Experience

IBM RPG- (Preferrably ILE)         

Required             5              Years

IBM Control Level Language (CLLE)         

Required             4              Years

IBM Screen Design (DDS)            

Required             4              Years

Structured Query Language (SQL)           

Required             3              Years

MS Office 2010 

Required             3              Years

Experience interacting directly with end users   


Experience writing detailed specifications