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State Of Michigan
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6 months
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26 Jul 2013
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Position Description


This position will be responsible for the rewriting and upgrade of the Integrated Forest Monitoring, Assessment, and Prescription (IFMAP) application. They will work closing with DTMB's development team to upgrade IFMAP's toolkits and standard menu functionalities to ESRI's ArcGIS 10.x platform. They will work closing with the development team to ensure the geospatial application development meets industry standards for quality and the functionality and usability requirements for the client. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals, performs a variety of complicated tasks, may direct the work of others, may report directly to a project lead or manager, in addtion to displaying a wide degree of creativity and latitude.


Skills Required

• Knowledge and proven skills in C#.NET, ArcGIS Desktop (ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo, ArcMap and ArcCatalog), ArcSDE, GeoDatabase, Spatial Databases, Spatial Indexes, and Spatial Queries, MS Access, Transact SQL (T-SQL), Visual Studio 2010, SQL 2008, JQuery, Javascript, XHTML, in addition to a strong knowledge of the Agile methodoloty.

• Advanced skills in developing .NET applications using the ArcGIS API.

• Knowledge of system development methods used for the development of new systems and enhancements to existing information systems.

• Knowledge of advanced concepts and basic operating principles of data communications and information systems hardware and software.

• Knowledge of advanced principles, theories, techniques, and methods of information system analysis and programming.

• Knowledge of data processing and data communications concepts and services.

• Knowledge of contemporary and generative programming languages and techniques.

• Knowledge of data communication and transaction-based processing.

• Knowledge of the operational and technical problems involved in the administration of a specialized program.

• Ability to adapt, integrate, and modify existing programs for use with existing information systems.

• Knowledge of computer programming, data modeling, and object-oriented programming procedures and techniques.

• Knowledge of application development environments and related tools.

• Ability to prepare detailed written instructions and documentation, analyze instructions and data, and direct others to convert specifications to computer language.

• Ability to gather and analyze facts, define problems, and devise and implement solutions.

• Ability to effectively make oral and written reports and presentations and prepare clear and concise graphs and charts.

• Ability to communicate technical terminology at a level appropriate to the audience.

• Ability to provide quality customer service, build trust through integrity of work, and build strategic relationships through teamwork are required.

• Ability to troubleshoot and resolve development problems, and calmly and rationally assess situations.

• Knowledge of MS Visio, MS Project, and fundamental Project Management Methodology (PMM) is desirable but not required.


Skills Preferred

Advanced coding skills in ArcGis 10.x, C#.NET 4.0, SQL 2008, Jquery, JavaScript, XHTML in addition to a high knowledge of the Agile methodology. The individual needs to have advanced skills in developing .NET applications using the ArcGIS API.


Experience Required

7+ years working with ArcGIS and .NET application development.



Education Required

BA or BS in Information Technology



Skills Matrix


ArcGis 10.x                          Required 7 Years

C#.NET                                 Required 7 Years

SQL 2008                              Required 5 Years

JavaScript                            Required 5 Years

Jquery                                  Required 3 Years

XHTML                                  Required 5 Years


Agile Methodology         Required 1 Years