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State Of Michigan
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6 Months
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12 Aug 2013
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Position Description


State Police requires the development of an Request for Proposal (RFP) to allow work to be done on a software program which operates the departments officer daily program. The program must be expanded to allow motor carrier, tobacco tax, speciality services (i.e., detectives), etc. to enter data. An RFP must be developed in order to obtain these services. State Police is seeking services from a technical writer to develop the content for the RFP. At the conclusion of this SOW, a fully developed RFP will be created and submitted to DTMB and processed through the DTMB purchasing process. Services will include becoming familiar with the requirements and process for submitting a RFP through DTMB. Technical writer will work with State Police experts to determine needs of the agency for this RFP, document these needs, and develop the content language in the proper format for the RFP. Technical writer will be responsible for the final RFP, its accompanying purchasing documents, and obtaining signatures from Section and Division commanders for final product. The Technical Writer must have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the writing of technical documents and preferably a State of Michigan RFP. Technical Writer should be familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures for how to develop a bid and format of State bids. Technical Writer will rely on State Police staff plan timeline and set goals. Technical support is required to assist with the following tasks: compile requirements of changes from State Police employees and develop an RFP in the proper DTMB format.