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State of Iowa
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6 Months
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15 Aug 2013
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Short Description:


Application must have extensive Electronic Lab Record knowlege using Orion Rhapsody version 4.1.1 as well as HL7 2.5.1. 

Public Health and or Lab experience would be beneficial. 


Complete Description:

Application needs to have extensive knowledge of HL7 using Orion Rhapsody Expert for Electonic Lab Records.  The chief task associated with this position is to assist with development in the Orion Rhapsody version 4.1.1 integration engine for incoming data that may need to be routed to various IDPH programs and information systems. This role will require the following skill sets:


A.  Use Orion Rhapsody version 4.1.1 to receive incoming electronic messages in various formats, which may involve the following:

i.    preparing a web services route

ii.   automating retrieval of attachments from a Direct™ messaging mailbox

iii.  validating the message

iv.  acknowledging receipt of the message or rejecting the message & sending an alert to IDPH staff of the error message


B.  Use Orion Rhapsody version 4.1.1 to transform a received electronic message from one format to another format.


C.  Evaluate a received HL7 2.5.1 test message against the IDPH Implementation Guide and ELR Constrained Profile and provide feedback to the sender to advise on compliance with the IDPH implementation guide – this is a technical document defining the specification of a message submitted to IDPH.




Skill        Required / Desired          Amount               of Experience

HL7 - Development        

Required             7              Years

Rhapsody 2.4    

Highly desired                   

Rhapsody 2.3    

Highly desired                   

Rhapsody 2.51  

Highly desired                   

Prepare a web services route    

Required             5              Years

Automate retrieval of attachments from a Direct messaging mailbox      

Required             5              Years

Validate and Analyze messages

Required             5              Years

Transform received messages from one format to another         

Required             5              Years


Required             5              Years

Stored Procedures         

Required             5              Years

SQL 2008 R2       

Required             5              Years

Familiarity with medical and lab lingo     

Highly desired                   

Experience with SQL and preferred knowledge of LOINC & SNOMED codes.       

Highly desired