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State of Ohio
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6 Months
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27 Sep 2013
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Complete Description:

F2F interviews will be held October 4th, 7th and 8th.


DOT has a need for a resource with data analyst skills for this position.   The position will be 75% data analysis and 25% DBA. The resource will be working with the business users to determine what data they have, how is it formated , where do they obtain the data.  The resource will also analyze the current data in the enterprise, determine any similarities, links or if the data is the same.    We are looking for redundancies in their data.    They will be writing SQL statements and scripts, schemas, data diagrams.    The successful candidate will know how to write requirements, entity releationship diagrams, data normalization, They use Word and Visio for documentation.  DOT databases: Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL.   They use PowerDesigner.   




The Database Administrator is responsible for data analysis and database management. Database Administrators typically are involved in maintenance, enhancement, designing of data dictionaries, physical and logical database models, and performance tuning. Database Administrators have a range of skills and knowledge of the utilities and production tools used for data storage management to support the Application Team.



Years of Relevant Experience:

7 plus years

Preferred Education:

4 year college degree or equivalent technical study

Role Description:

All roles specified plus the following:

•Participates in Database Management System selection and maintains database performance.

•Knowledge of various Database Management System products.

•Provide status of work to Project Team Lead.

•Engage in ongoing process improvement.



Skill        Required / Desired          Amount               of Experience

Experience working with Business users determining data/requirements needs and documentation

Required             7              Years

Logical and Technical experience , able to "see the big picture", data archtecture experience

Required             7              Years

Experience in various data modeling tools           

Required             7              Years

Experience building complex queries and ETL processes               

Required             7              Years

Excellent documentation skills in Word and Visio              

Required             7              Years

Experience with analysis of complex database structures and related interfaces               

Required             7              Years

Experience with enterprise databases   Required             7              Years

Excellent interpersonal skills       Required                             

Experience with Oracle, Sybase and MS SQL       

Required             5              Years